20 Questions w/ Kelly Lamb & Phil Cabrita, AKA DJ Flipout

By Yard Athletics – April 26th, 2019

We are BACK with a very special 20 Questions this week! In our humble opinion this series has only been getting better and better, and it’s all due to our #YardHard community and their involvement. Want to get featured?? Drop us a line! [email protected]

Today we have the special pleasure of introducing Kelly Lamb and Phil Cabrita, who you may know better as the one and only DJ Flipout.

How does Kelly describe Phil?

“From dj’ing the hottest parties in town, to the 5’oclock traffic Jam, to being Redbull Music 3STYLE’S Official Host, he’s also a legendary BBOY who also acts?! Whoa. A man of many talents with a great sense of humor. He’s also the biggest Kanye West fan who knows every lyric to every song and every sample to ever exist.”

How does Phil describe Kelly??

 “This is Kelly. Born in Osaka, immigrated to Canada when she was 6 years old! Grew up in Ladner. Born from parents who are both creatives, she was heretically gifted with bounds of energy to build upon. Grew up dancing ballet and involved in other arts, a natural athlete, who is also the ring leader for the best parties. From conception to the little details that make whatever she’s involved in, if she’s planned it, it’s special. She has a huge heart and is uber-empathetic. SHES CUTE AF TOO.”

Sounds like an intriguing couple! Now time to read below and see what the perfect weekend plans are, whether you can “Amazon Prime and Chill” and whether Wreck Beach is still a thing.

  1. Hometown(s)?

Phil: Burnaby/East Van

Kelly: Osaka, Japan! Our family moved to Ladner, BC when I was 6. Japan will always be home.

  1. How did you first get started with Yard Athletics?

Phil: Recommended by Jordan from AllCity. Needed additional help balancing my beer intake vs. body weight

Kelly: All credit goes to our guy Jordan from AllCity. He encouraged me try weightlifting at Yard and was adamant that it was the missing component in my workout routine. He was right.

  1. It’s 4:59pm on a Friday afternoon; what’s the plan for the perfect weekend?

Phil: Beer

Kelly: Tommy Cole’s 4PM Hip Hop ride is hands down the best way to kick it off. The perfect weekend consists of early mornings, tough workouts, Slickity Jim’s, a good bottle of Cab Sav or Chianti, Pepino’s, a bike ride, and a movie or patio.

  1. Favorite restaurant, favorite dish?

Phil: Pepino’s – Chicken Piccata

Kelly: Pepino’s – Bolognese or Yuji’s – Curry calamari

  1. Company you wish would sponsor you?

Phil: Discogs

Kelly: Neighbour & Lagree West

  1. Top 3 desert island records?

Phil:  Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of life. Flume – Hi this is Flume Mixtape. Kanye west – Entire discography

Kelly: Kanye West – The Life Of Pablo. Destiny’s Child – Writing on the wall. Anderson.  Paak – Malibu

  1. Tell us something we don’t know about you?

Phil:  I was a rapper signed to a recording label in San Francisco

Kelly: I went to a Medium last year and connected with some very important people. Changed my life forever.

  1. Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Crave TV?

Phil: Netflix but shoutout to Crave for Letterkenny

Kelly: Netflix!

  1. You can change one thing about Vancouver, what is it?

Phil: Liquor Laws and transit hours

Kelly: Reducing stigma about our Downtown Eastside community

  1. Wreck Beach, yay or nay?

Phil: Nay

Kelly: Yay but those stairs?

  1. Best post-workout snack?

Phil: Beer

Kelly: Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes or a lil shake with Body Energy Club’s protein powder (Clean Isolate Vanilla)

  1. Most exotic place you’ve ever traveled?

Phil: Beirut – Best food, people and history

Kelly: TBD.

  1. Ilan, Same or Joce; who’s the toughest trainer at Yard?

Phil: Well we’ll have to set up a boxing match between the three of them for them to sort it. My moneys on Joce

Kelly: They’re all savage

  1. Celebrity crush?

Phil: Rihanna & Rupaul

Kelly: Pharrell & Alicia Keys

  1. Dream vacation?

Phil: Caribbean or somewhere super rich people go

Kelly: 6 months in Japan to explore all of the places I haven’t yet been to & an exotic place so I can answer #12.

  1. Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Phil: Die empty from Jazzy Jeff (via Todd Henry)

Kelly: “Be more compassionate” – My mom

  1. Least favorite exercise in the gym?

Phil: That f****** bike. F*** that bike.

Kelly: Assault bike. Sam knows.

  1. Can money buy happiness?

Phil: “Money can’t buy me happiness but I’m happy when I can buy the things that I want” – By The Great Canadian MC from Rexdale, Jelleestone

Kelly: No but it can buy you a nice bottle of Cab Sav amirite??

  1. Tell a stranger about Yard Athletics in 10 words or less.

Phil: Fun, challenging, safe, not boring, great trainers, good people, DOPE.

Kelly: An inclusive space to work hard, laugh and reach goals.

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