Introducing Henry Gould’s Patreon for Spotify…

By Henry Gould – June  Hello #YardHard friends! It’s me, Henry Gould, the man behind the blog. I wanted to share a recent project I’ve been working on through a platform called Patreon, where I curate custom Spotify playlists for people’s everyday use. Since the majority of the Yard Athletics community loves music (who doesn’t?) I figured this would be something … Read More

Yard Athletics Client Appreciation BBQ this Saturday!!!!!!

By Yard Athletics – June 12th, 2019 Reminder, this Saturday at Granville Park (14th and Fir St, Vancouver) is the Yard Athletics Client Appreciation BBQ! Kicking off 12pm – 4pm, we’ll be lounging in the sun all day followed by the 7:05pm Vancouver Canadians game at Nat Bailey Stadium. If you’re buying tickets to the game you can bring cash … Read More

What is “Resistant Starch”?

By Henry Gould – June 11th, 2019 The last few years have seen a huge uptick in a number of health and wellness trends, including stuff like ketogenic diets, fermented foods, intermittent fasting and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Some we’ve covered on this blog before; others like intermittent fasting seem worthy of a longer discussion in the future. One … Read More

Heads Up! Global Running Day x lululemon, June 5th

By Yard Athletics – June 3rd, 2019 Calling all #YardHard fam; our good friends at lululemon are hosting a bunch of different community runs for Global Running Day this Wednesday June 5th. Below is the link to sign up. Groups leave from several different areas listed below, all convening at Concord Community Park (near Science World) for snacks, refreshments, a … Read More

June Summer Shred + NEW Monthly Unlimited Group Training ! ! !

by Yard Athletics – June 1st, 2019 Summer shred continues for June! Today until Monday, purchase special deals on the Mind Body app. Details below! Also, we have some MASSIVE news to share… are you ready? Yard Athletics is now pleased to offer unlimited group training each month! For $250+ tax, you can now enjoy unlimited Old Fashioned group and … Read More

Health & Wellness Links From Around The Web!

by Henry Gould – May 31st, 2019 It’s Friday morning! Instead of waking up and checking your phone for angry client emails and 1 million group chat notifications (no? just me?) why not browse a few interesting links from around the internet? All the news that’s fit to print, or rather, stuff I came across that seemed interesting and relevant … Read More

Summer Shred Is Back! June 1st – 3rd

by Yard Athletics  – May 30th, 2019 You thought it was over?? It ain’t over!! Summer shred continues this Saturday June 1st, with the same great deals to get you in the gym and shredded for the summer. To recap, everything will be live on the MindBody app on Saturday. Don’t have the app? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN. But seriously … Read More

STUDY – Children Eating Less Seafood

By Henry Gould – May 21st, 2019 Despite being one of the best sources of protein for humans to eat, it seems US children (and perhaps Canadian children too) are not eating nearly as much seafood as previous generations. According to a recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, US children’s seafood consumption has been declining each year since … Read More

New Yard Athletics Merch In Stock!!!

By Yard Athletics – May 14th, 2019 Suns out guns out, sky’s out thighs out!! New Yard Athletics merch is in stock and oohhhhh baby are we excited. Pink T-Shirts? GOT EM. Crop top’s? GOT EM. Snap backs? YOU KNOW IT. See below for all available items. These are selling fast so get yours ASAP!!! Email “[email protected]” to reserve or … Read More