Surviving The December Decadence

by Henry Gould – Dec 3rd, 2019 We’ve hit December, which means holiday parties and excessive eating and drinking are starting to gain momentum. It can sometimes feel impossible to escape, especially when there’s a seemingly endless stream of excuses to indulge every day of the week. But that’s why we’re here to help! Instead of being the grinch who … Read More

December Holiday Sale!

by Yard Athletics – Dec 1st, 2019 Yard Athletics is getting into the holiday spirit, and are ready to launch some awesome savings on a variety of sessions in the gym. Available through the month of December, all the below deals are now live on the MindBody app. Any questions, give us a shout –> [email protected] 10 session 1:1 package … Read More

Yard Athletics Sandwich & Warm Clothing Drive

by Yard Athletics – Nov 21, 2019 Mark your calendars! Dec 14th, 2019, Yard Athletics is joining forces with Natalie Cumberbirch to do a Sandwich and Warm Clothing Drive in downtown Vancouver. The holidays are a time for giving, especially to those less fortunate who may not be able to give or receive. We wanted to do our part by … Read More

Big Announcement!

Yard Athletics Training Series - Foundations of Strength - Program 1

by Ilan Cumberbirch – Nov 19th, 2019 Hi Everyone, Today, I am extremely excited to launch The Yard Online Training Series ( ). I created this online training portal out of necessity; a necessity to provide quality, scientifically backed training programs for individuals of all experience levels and with varying goals. In an industry overpopulated with fly-by-night fads, show pony … Read More

Should You Exercise When You’re Sick?

by Henry Gould – Nov 13th, 2019 I wanted to say it’s an age-old question (“Should you exercise when you’re sick?”) but in reality, our cultural obsession with health and fitness is regularly new, so perhaps the question isn’t age-old but decades old. Still, collectively I would say an obsession with our health is a good thing, so being dedicated … Read More

20 Questions w/ Torin Nikiforuk: Yard Athletics Personal Training Specialist

Torin Neriforuk

by Yard Athletics – Nov 8th, 2019 Yard Athletics newest team member, Torin Nikiforuk, is now becoming a familiar face around the gym. Everyone who’s trained with Torin knows he brings an infectious energy, positive attitude, and strong knowledge of strength & conditioning. But how well do you really know Torin? Sure, you might know he goes by the nickname … Read More

Price Adjustments For Groups, 1:1, 2:1

Yard Athletics - Sam Shaw, Ilan Cumberbirch, Torin Nikiforuk

by Yard Athletics – Nov 1st, 2019 Heads up to all our Yard Athletics community. As of today there have been some adjustments to the pricing for Group Training, as well as Customized Strength & Conditioning 1:1 and 2:1 packages. Please take a look below and familiarize yourself with the new pricing. If you have any questions, feel free to … Read More

You Ready For The “Fathom”?

You Ready for the Fathom?

by Yard Athletics – Oct 29th, 2019 There’s a new trend sweeping through Yard Athletics that has started turning a lot of heads, causing many to take notice. We’ve started calling it the “Fathom“, and we want to tell you more about it, because it’s… well… #YARDHARD Now, a fathom is a nautical term for a unit of measurement, roughly … Read More

“Why Hard Training Makes You More Impulsive”

by Henry Gould – Oct 21, 2019 Overtraining is a very interesting concept, mostly because we don’t know a whole lot about it. And when I saw “we”, I mean scientists… According to this guide, “Overtraining Syndrome (OTS) appears to be a maladapted response to excessive exercise without adequate rest, resulting in perturbations of multiple body systems (neurologic, endocrinologic, immunologic) … Read More

#YARDHARD Weekly Round-Up

by Henry Gould – Oct 16th, 2019 How was everyone’s Thanksgiving weekend? Now that the blood-lipid levels are dropping a bit, we figured it was a good time to do a quick house-keeping update on all the comings and goings from the world of Yard Athletics. There was a great turnout this past Saturday for the two morning workouts; 10:00am … Read More