Free EPIC Bars at Yard Athletics! Feb 19th – March 8th

By Yard Athletics – Feb 19th, 2019 Hope everyone had a restful Family Day weekend! Great news… for the next few weeks, Yard Athletics will be hosting a promotion from EPIC Provisions, giving away some of their famous performance and meat bars, free of charge. EPIC Provisions was founded by Katie and Taylor Collins in Austin TX, after years following … Read More

The Myths of Weighlifting w/ Ilan Cumberbirch

By Yard Athletics – Feb 15th, 2019 Greetings! Today we are starting out a new series, diving into some of the myths that surround lifting weights, especially when it comes to gaining and losing weight, leaning out, bulking up, risk of injury, the works. And what better resource to ask than founder and director of Yard Athletics, Ilan Cumberbirch. Unless … Read More

Yard Athletics Clothing –> What’s In Stock?

By Yard Athletics – Feb 13th, 2019 We’ve been getting a ton of requests asking what Yard Athletics clothing is still in stock, so we figured we would consolidate into simple list! See below for full tally. Clothes can be paid for in cash or on the Mind Body App. Having trouble? Get in touch with us at [email protected] Russell … Read More

Giveaway Alert!!! Blonyx + 2XU North America

By Yard Athletics – Feb 12th, 2019 It’s giveaway time!¬†Our good friends over at Blonyx have partnered up with 2XU Compression Gear for the Ultimate Performance Package Giveaway! It includes the following, worth over $600 in value: – $300 Blonyx Gift Card – 2XU MCS Cross Train Compression Tights – 2XU MCS Cross Train Compression Shorts – 2XU Compression Long … Read More

Heads Up!! New Group Class Times Available Now!

The Yard Athletics - Ilan Cumberbirch

By Yard Athletics – Feb 10th, 2019 #YardHard family; you asked, so we delivered! Starting next week, we are rolling out the following group classes so you can clang the iron, break a sweat and bust a move waaaayyy more often. Heard of our Boneyard Group? Usually this was only offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, 7am & 8am, for … Read More

Bad News: “~50% of US Adults Have Heart Disease”

By Henry Gould – Feb 5th, 2019 Talk about a sobering headline! One of our Yard Athletics regulars, John Kapp, was kind enough to pass along this recent article¬†which seemed only fitting for a longer discussion on the blog. According to the American Heart Association, 48% of adult Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease, be it coronary heart disease, … Read More

Canada’s New Food Guide: A Breakdown

By Henry Gould – Jan 29th, 2019 The new Canada Food Guide was released last week, which proudly declared to be free from industry influence. Despite the majority of people singing praises on the new guide for focusing on plant based foods and proteins, there is still a larger debate within Health Canada about potential mandates that would require producers … Read More

Beating The Winter Blues by Dr. Debbie Samsom

By Dr. Debbie Samsom – Jan 14th, 2019 So, winter is definitely upon us. Holiday festivities are over, days are short, and the rain seems endless. This is the time of year when many of us can feel blue, down in the dumps, or outright depressed. Good thing there are ways to prevent this, so we can cruise into spring … Read More

Sober January? Start 2019 With These Booze-Free Ideas

By Henry Gould – Jan 4th, 2019 It’s the same old story every January; new year, new me. Lots of people tell themselves they’re going to get back in the gym, eat right, drink less, and overall make “healthy” decisions to start the year. They always start with good intentions, and nearly all inevitably fail. It doesn’t have to be … Read More