Small Group Training

Semi-Private Training

Our Semi-Private Training sessions are a taste of what you can experience at Yard Athletics. These intimate groups allow for detail-oriented coaching and structured programming in every training session.  Whether you are new to weight training, an ex-crossfitter, or a professional athlete looking to remain in-game shape, come check out The Bone YardThe Junk Yard, The Yard Sale or The Back Yard. There's something for everyone!

The Bone Yard

General Strength & Conditioning 

Our bread and butter, this semi-private class is the foundation of what Yard Athletics was built on. Working through various planes of motion, these workouts consist of 2-3 full body complexes followed by conditioning. Our coaches will lead you through variations of the squat, hip hinge, pressing and rowing patterns. All experience levels are welcome and modifications can be made to suit your needs.

THE Junk Yard

 Advanced Strength & Conditioning

Catered towards intermediate & advanced lifters, come in and train in a group setting while focusing on getting stronger in the fundamental lifts. Less is more in this slower-paced, higher intensity class. Variations of the squat, deadlift, press & row will be the meat & potatoes of the workout with accessory work served as the accoutrement. 

The Yard SALE

Time is of the essence and we understand that calculating how much weight you need on the bar, or tracking your rest intervals won’t be your priority. Join us as we take you through a series of high-intensity, full-body circuits – we will handle all of the details and leave the hard work to you. This class style is perfect for anyone looking to push their heart rate, and achieve a wicked full body pump, in an energizing, dynamic environment!

The Back Yard

Glutes & Core
Looking to ‘pump’ your glutes and ‘abolish’ your abs? This posterior chain and core focused session is guaranteed to get you feeling the burn! Join us as we take you through a series of high-intensity, hip focused movements paired with abdominal work. You can expect a wicked 'rump pump' and deep core work!
Yard Athletics - Athletic Group Training
Athletic Group Training - Yard Athletics