New Ciele Yard Hats + Specialized Water Bottles!

by Yard Athletics – Sept 19th, 2019 By far one of the most exciting merch collaborations Yard Athletics has done to date. Available now in the gym are both new YARD branded Ciele running hats, as well as YARD branded Specialized water bottles. Ciele started in Montreal over 5 years ago, and has since grown to become the hat for … Read More

Yard Athletics x lululemon

by Yard Athletics – Sept 17th, 2019 Since the early days of Yard Athletics (who remembers the text message group??) there has always been a strong relationship between Ilan Cumberbirch and lululemon. What started as lululemon’s Robson employees coming to train at Yard, blossomed into an amazing ambassadorship program that has helped support local fitness talent to grow and prosper … Read More

RECIPE – Tuna Fried Rice

by Henry Gould – Sept 12th, 2019 This recipe might sound like something you made in college when there was quite literally 2 items left in the cupboard. But never fear! This is a delicious meal you can make week in, week out. Do you like healthy lunch / dinner ideas you can make in ~30 minutes? Do you like … Read More

Congratulations To Sam Shaw…

by Yard Athletics – Sept 10th, 2019 Yard Athletics is pleased to announce Sam Shaw as the new Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of Yard Athletics! Sam has been a fixture at the Yard since its inception, playing an integral role in the growth and success of the company. He’s also made a huge impact on each person who walks … Read More

Introducing Torin Nikiforuk!

by Yard Athletics – Sept 6th, 2019 Yard Athletics is proud to announce the newest member of the team, Torin Nikiforuk, as Junior Strength & Conditioning Coach! We couldn’t be happier to bring Torin into the fold, and look forward to him bringing a new energy and motivation to all sessions with the #YARDHARD squad. Torin is now available on … Read More

Blonyx X Theragun X Merch

by Yard Athletics – Sept 5th, 2019 At long last… summer is over… *single tear streams down face* That doesn’t have to be a bad thing! The approach of Fall means there’s a perfect excuse to get back in the gym (after a few too many summer patio drinks…) and tighten up that body. Your best bet? Book in for … Read More

20 Questions w/ Danya Barbati & Raffaele Megaro

by Yard Athletics – Sept 3rd, 2019 Rumors were swirling that the famed Yard Athletics 20 Questions series had met an untimely end. Erroneous! Nothing could be further from the truth. Granted, there have been a few weeks between today and the last 20 Questions, but that’s only because we were subtly analyzing the loyal Yard Athletics devotees in the … Read More

Sticker Contest Winner + Top 13 Nutrition Lies

Yard Athletics - Strength Training Vancouver

by Yard Athletics – Aug 29th, 2019 Another week, another contest in the books! Two weeks ago was the Yard Athletics Recipe Contest; this past week was the “Sticker Contest”. We asked everyone to grab a sticker from the gym, stick it somewhere interesting and document the whole thing. The goal? Winning another 1:1 training session in the gym. Suffice … Read More

RECIPE – Olive Tapenade

by Henry Gould –  August 27th, 2019 Olives are very polarizing. People either love ’em or hate ’em. Generally the countries bordering the Mediterranean love ’em, and since we know from previous posts (HERE) that those countries have some of the healthiest diets on earth, it’s probably a good idea to squeeze them into your weekly routine. Olive Tapenade is … Read More

Sticker Contest!

by Yard Athletics – Aug 22nd, 2019 New day, new contest! The gym is full of a fresh stack of Yard Athletics stickers and we wanna see these things PLASTERED across the city. How does the contest work? STEP 1: Grab a sticker from the gym the next time you’re working out STEP 2: Find a unique spot to put … Read More