20 Questions with Natalie Cumberbirch: #YardAthletics Family

Greetings! Today we have the special privilege of talking to none other than one of the esteemed Cumberbirch clan… sister to Yard Athletics Founder, Natalie Cumberbirch! Natalie lives an incredibly jet-set lifestyle working as a pastry chef in Europe; find out below what she thinks of her big bro, whether Juul-ing is cool or lame, and whether white, red, or … Read More

20 Questions with Jackson Friesen: #YardHard Faithful

Another day, another dollar, another installment of the most interesting questionnaire on the internet, courtesy of Yard Athletics!! Today we dive right in with Jackson Friesen, longtime athlete of Yard Athletics as well as lifelong hockey player. As you may have noticed, we switch up the specific 20 Questions each time so that no 2 posts are the same. This … Read More

20 Questions With Stephanie Gee: #YardHard Faithful

Since the start of the Yard Athletics “20 Questions” series, we’ve been absolutely thrilled with all the submissions. Each has given us a chance to get to know our community better, and have a little fun while we’re at it. Today we have the honor of getting to know Stephanie Gee, faithful regular of Yard Athletics and all around badass … Read More

20 Questions With Henry Gould: Yard Athletics Blog Manager

Hello Yard faithful! Today we have the pleasure of getting to know the man behind your favorite Yard Athletics blog posts a little bit better. Resident DJ, Olympic Lifter, Blogger, Chef and one-time rugby powerhouse; Henry Gould. Vans vs Converse, Hendrix vs Clapton, American Muscle vs Euro Super Car and more. Buckle up, you’re in for a ride! 1. Hometown? … Read More

20 Questions w/ Ilan Cumberbirch: Founder & Director of Yard Athletics

People! The much anticipated 20 Questions with Ilan Cumberbirch is upon us! Ever since we started the 20 Questions series, hundreds, thousands… perhaps even millions of people have been asking “When are we going to interview Ilan???”. That time, #YardHard faithful, is now. All seeing, all knowing founder and director of Yard Athletics, Ilan Cumberbirch, is in the hot seat, … Read More

20 Questions with Sydnie Hyde: Yard Athletics Tech Guru

Welcome back to 20 Questions! You know the drill: we pick someone in the Yard Athletics community, stick them with 20 random, non-linear questions, and by the end, hopefully get to know that person a little bit better… Today we talk with Sydnie Hyde, the all-seeing, all-knowing operations manager for the behind the scenes work at Yard Athletics. Scheduling, sales, … Read More

20 Questions With Sam Shaw: Yard Athletics Trainer

Welcome back to 20 Questions, where we put a member of the Yard Athletics community on the spot to answer a bunch of our random, esoteric questions for the purposes of your amusement! Today we are speaking to none other than Sam Shaw, the legend with the blonde locks who can push the weight of a man twice his size. … Read More

20 Questions with Jocelyn Erickson: Yard Athletics Trainer

By Henry Gould – July 30th, 2018 Welcome to a new series in the Yard Athletics blog! We wanted to get to know everyone in the Yard community a little better, so naturally we figured the best way to do this was fire 20 random questions at them. Today were talking to Jocelyn “Joce” Erickson, coach at Yard Athletics and … Read More