20 Questions w/ John Kapp

by Yard Athletics – Oct 10th, 2019 The best questionnaire on the world wide web is back! Sure, you could watch Vogue’s “73 Questions” series with all these famous “celebrities”, but honestly, who has time to hear 73 questions get answered? Why is Bella Hadid grooming a horse? Can’t she do that after?? No no no… Yard’s is where it’s … Read More

20 Questions w/ Phil Kwong

by Yard Athletics – Sept 26th, 2019 You know it, you love it, you neeeeeeed it. Of course we are talking about the amazing Yard Athletics 20 Questions series, which is back for another week! Today we focus the microscope on longtime friend of the gym, Phil Kwong, who has been pushing tin over the last year with the whole … Read More

20 Questions w/ Danya Barbati & Raffaele Megaro

by Yard Athletics – Sept 3rd, 2019 Rumors were swirling that the famed Yard Athletics 20 Questions series had met an untimely end. Erroneous! Nothing could be further from the truth. Granted, there have been a few weeks between today and the last 20 Questions, but that’s only because we were subtly analyzing the loyal Yard Athletics devotees in the … Read More

20 Questions w/ Marrhinca Thomas & Lauren Kipp: #YardHard Faithful

By Yard Athletics – May 24th, 2019 It’s been a hot minute but we are BACK with the best question series on the world wide web! That’s right folks, Yard Athletics 20 Questions is coming through to give you a glimpse at the great people that make up our community; what makes them tick, where they like to eat and … Read More