Custom Online Training

Unable to access Yard Athletics in person? Trying to accomplish specific fitness goals? Physical limitations restricting your ability to partake in group fitness offerings? Seeking a custom program designed specifically to you?

Yard Athletics' Customized Online Coaching allows you to access the luxuries of individualized programming from anywhere in the world! Our expert coaching team will build a custom tailored program, specific to your needs and goals.

Additionally, you will receive 1 coach:client communication/month to ensure you are being held accountable, discuss necessary adjustments to your program, and receive lift specific feedback.

Online Training Series


Programs that deliver the kind of results pro athletes insist on.

Guaranteed to increase fat-free muscle mass, improve conditioning & strength! A video library accompanies each program and suits all experience levels!

High intensity full body training

60-75 minute workouts

Customized programming

Learn proper lifting technique

Burn up to 1000 calories/workout

Guaranteed to increase fat free muscle mass

Guaranteed to improve conditioning

Guaranteed to increase strength

What people are saying

I've really enjoyed the At Home Dumbbell Program and the group classes. They've become an unexpected highlight of my week during the pandemic.

I'm a Masters Swimmer, and my team went back into the pool this week. ... I've finished a full week of 90-minute practices in our long-course pool. Not only did I swim 17KM this week, I managed to swim 100m freestyle repeats at a 1:30 pacetime. Not only is that fast, that's exactly where I was in March 2020 when we shut down. Nothing's changed. I'm stunned.

Thank you for providing me an outlet to test myself, try new things, occasionally make a fool of myself, and NOT lose my mind while the world kinda ended.


The Yard Athletics online program has provided me with the foundation and motivating I needed to attain my goals and see results. From warm up to cool down the program outlines everything I need and the video demo's clear up any questions I have about particular movements. This program got me excited to get into the gym everyday and get the work done!


First the office closed, then the gyms! We’re over a month into quarantine, and all trying to find new ways to cope with #groundhogday inside. THANK GOD for this dumbbell & bodyweight program…easy to access, easy to follow, but a tough workout if you want to try and come out of this thing fitter than before. Grab a jug of water, a bag of rocks, a brick or even a dumbbell if you have one and get into it!

Henry McQueen

The trainers at the Yard are great! They’re all fun, positive and incredibly knowledgeable. Whether I’m in the gym space with them, doing remote sessions, or following the dumbbell & bodyweight program at home during the COVID-19 restrictions, I know I’m supported. And, that’s what I appreciate the most. They’re all engaged and they genuinely want to see their clients achieving their goals. They’ve created a community that’s welcoming, yet challenges me to strive to see where my limits are and if I can surpass them. I’m goal oriented and I like pushing myself, so this is great for me!

Salona Nainaar

The online dumbbell & bodyweight program, in particular, is super accessible for everyone and can be done from anywhere. All I have to do is grab my dumbbells, do my best, and try my hardest while follow the program in the order outlined, and I’m guaranteed a big sweat session! And, there are demo vids for everything, showing me the proper form. I’m not someone that has done a lot of strength and conditioning so I truly appreciate the vids. I’m grateful to have found a space like the Yard.

Salona Nainaar

I’m a busy mom of two and although I get a workout in everyday, its dictated by my kids’ schedules, not mine. The online training series is perfect because I can open up my laptop anytime and have a full body workout at my fingertips. The program is organized by week and then day making it very easy to follow. Another really helpful part of the program is with each exercise there is a short how-to video so you’re able to execute it with proper form - which is so important with training alone at home.

Katrina Humphreys-McLean

Yard Athletics continues to push me to new athletic highs, physically and mentally. The carefully designed 4-week bodyweight and dumbbell program is the remedy to my pandemic problems, but also more than that. It taught me a set of skills that I can take nearly anywhere, when a gym is not available. It is easy to follow, involves spectacular variety, and is always sure to properly burn. The bodyweight program carries the spirit of the real deal (yard group workouts), and it can be repeated until jacked and/or society resumes.

Dawid Cieloszczyk

Loving the Yard Hard Dumbbell & Bodyweight Program! It allows me to continue to check all the fitness boxes from the comfort of my condo. Although I do miss the Bosa/TD workouts this program still feel like you are getting after it will the Yard team.

Mike Lynch

The dumbbell and body weight program has been awesome for me. Every exercise is easily adaptable given the surroundings and each workout has given me a full sweat every time. This program helps me keep a consistent schedule and knowing that every workout is crafted by professionals helps keep the motivation that is sometimes hard to come by from not going directly to a gym. I strongly recommend giving this program a go.

Max Newton

Really loving the online dumbbell and body weight program. I was worried my strength was going to suffer not being able to go the gym but the way the program’s structured that hasn’t been the case at all. It’s super easy to follow and the videos definitely help. Miss the gym but this is definitely the next best thing.

Pam McMeekin

The Dumbbell & Bodyweight program has been a great way to get some exercise and body movement during this time when we are confined to our homes. Yard Athletics has done a great job of creating workouts that are challenging and the programs are well laid out and easy to follow, with clear demonstration videos. After every workout I’ve felt energized and ready to tackle the day.

Tom Knoepfel

Before using this program (and also before this whole pandemic thing went down) I was an avid gym goer for the most part! But after getting hooked on these workouts with Yard, I honestly don’t think I’ll step foot in a gym again. Not because I don’t want to but because I do not need to and that’s crazy! The program was a little daunting at first because Ilan is SHREDDED but after doing the first few days I realized the exercises are fit for anyone. It’s an awesome mix between mobility movements as well as pushing yourself. Couldn’t be more stoked to keep going!

Lindsay Mclaughlin
Yard Athletics