The Team

Ilan Cumberbirch

Ilan Cumberbirch

Ilan Cumberbirch
Owner - BKIN, CSCS

Ilan's love for sport and fitness started early. As a former professional athlete, he has experienced the rigors of sport from both an athlete’s and a coach’s perspective, enabling him to understand the commitment and dedication necessary to attain one’s full potential.

Training Experience:

  • 10+ years strength and conditioning training
  • Owner/Director of Strength & Conditioning for Factory Hockey Player Development
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology, UBC
  • Dual-sport athlete (hockey & rugby)
Ilan Cumberbirch

Who's in the gym with Ilan?

  • NHL, Minor Pro, Collegiate, Junior & youth hockey players
  • Professional athletes – rowing, rugby, soccer, football
  • Business executives and entrepreneurs

What to expect with Ilan:
Ilan's continuous thirst for knowledge and current knowledge base allow him to program and coach his clients to the same level he would a professional athlete.His scientifically based training philosophy coupled with his genuine passion and contagious energy make training sessions a desirable component of everybody's lifestyle. Designing and implementing periodized training systems with focuses on mobility, strength, power, speed and/or endurance training utilizing a broad range of training methodologies, Ilan is able to meet and exceed your training objectives.

Sam Shaw

Sam Shaw

Sam Shaw
Assistant Manager, Strength & Conditioning Coach - BKIN, CSCS

Sam has been working as an athlete and coach in the strength and conditioning industry since 2008. As an athlete Sam has participated at both the collegiate and university level, representing his country on the international stage during that time.

Training Experience:

  • Bachelor of Kinesiology, UBC
  • Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach for Factory Hockey Player Development
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Varsity Athlete (volleyball)
Sam Shaw

Who's in the gym with Sam?

  • Professional, Collegiate and youth athletes
  • Business professionals
  • Average Joe's to all-time Pros

What to expect with Sam:

During his years at UBC completing a Bachelor of Health Science Degree, Sam had the opportunity to work, as well as train, with the varsity strength and conditioning program. It was through this experience that Sam found his passion for exercise prescription and athletic development. Sam places great value on continuing education and is constantly improving his own knowledge base in order to maximize individualized programming.

Torin Nikiforuk

Torin Nikiforuk

Torin Nikiforuk
Marketing Manager, Strength & Conditioning Coach BS, CPT, PN1

Torin's passion for fitness is celebrated in all forms of movement. Whether it’s a multi-day hike, or a group fitness class, he loves to find new ways to challenge both his body and mind. Torin's academic interests lie within the role exercise plays as a form of therapy; specifically in neurodegenerative diseases.

Training Experience:

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • TRX suspension certification
  • Kondi Fitness Instructor
  • bachelor of Science, Quest University
Torin Nikiforuk

Who's in the gym with Torin?

  • Anyone and everyone! From fitness professionals to your average Joe (or Jill).
  • If you're looking for good vibes and sweaty times then strength training with Torin is perfect for you.

What to expect with Torin:

Whether you're an avid gym goer, or just starting your fitness journey, Torin will make you feel right at home. His workouts are rooted in the fundamentals but he loves to put his own spin on things. Think full body workout with a balance between strength training and intensive conditioning. Torin’s supportive attitude is sure to help you excel in your own personal fitness endeavours.

Luke Williams

Luke Williams

Luke Williams
Facility & Retail Operations Manager, Strength & Conditioning Coach - BA HSCI, PTS

An active lifestyle and athletics have always been a part of Luke’s life. A former collegiate quarterback, Luke was forced to end his football career due to injury. This setback became his catalyst for change and Luke became focused on maximizing his physical potential through training. His understanding of the human body and the power of the mind became the focal point in his training regimen and daily life.

Training Experience:

  • BA, Health Sciences, SFU
  • Collegiate Athlete (Football)
  • Certified Personal Training Specialist through CanFit
Luke Williams

Who's in the gym with Luke?

Anyone who wants to improve their health, fitness and mental edge.

What to expect with Luke:

An empowering, inclusive and supportive workout. Luke has had the opportunity to work with athletes at all levels ranging from high school to the pros. Working with 2 NFL teams (Raiders & Steelers), Luke has gained a wealth of knowledge and an understanding of the dedication and training required to reach peak performance and mental focus. Luke’s passion is helping everyone achieve their individual potential-body & mind.

Outside the gym you can find Luke cycling, hiking, paddle boarding and practicing yoga.

Matt Roland


Matt Roland
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach - NCCP Level 1, IFA Fitness & Health Training

As an individual with a passion for strength training, Matt always knew he wanted to help others achieve their fitness goals and set them up with the tools to live a healthier life.

Matt ran track and field all through grade school until grade 9 where hockey became his main focus. He played until junior year in high school at an AAA level. After graduation, Matt went right into working in the tool and die industry where his athletic pursuits were put on hold. After 6 years in the industry, he realized that this lifestyle wasn’t the right fit for him. Matt always knew that he wanted some level of physical activity and health in his life.

Training Experience:

  • 8+ years of strength and conditioning training
  • Health & Fitness College Diploma
  • NCCP Weightlifting Coaching Certification
  • Varied personal sporting background (AAA Hockey, Track & Field, Weightlifting)

Who's in the gym with Matt:

  • Strength athletes (amateur to elite)
  • Average Joe’s that love a good barbell workout
  • Anyone that’s looking to prioritize building strength

What to expect with Matt

Today, Matt's training focus is geared towards becoming as strong as possible, exceeding his own expectations every time he steps into the gym. He is keen on testing methods and theories in his own training programs to truly understand the benefits and results which he can apply to his clients' sessions. Matt believes we, as humans, are all capable of so much more than what we convince ourselves. He embraces discomfort and fear to keep growing as a person—and athlete—in hopes to become the best version of himself.

Thea Lund


Thea Lund
Strength & Conditioning Coach - PTS, GGS-1

Before weight training entered the picture, Thea developed her discipline in the world of performing arts. Her commitment to 16 years of competitive dance training shaped her into the athlete (and coach) she is today. Since then, she’s gone from running 21km distances to competing at the National Level in Olympic Weightlifting for 4+ years. Thea believes the best way for trainers to learn more about their craft is by truly testing themselves on both the physical and mental side of performance.

Training Experience:

  • 16+ years of competitive dance
  • 5+ years of competitive Olympic Weightlifting - 2019 National silver
    medalist and 2021 record holder in the 59kg weight class
  • Certified Personal Training Specialist through CanFitPro

Who's in the gym with Thea?

  • Barbell newbies
  • Women not afraid to toss around some iron
  • Anyone looking to make strength training part of their lifestyle

What to expect with Thea

Thea combines her knowledge from various experiences as a trainer and athlete to deliver coaching best tailored to her client’s goals and needs. She prioritizes quality over quantity and aims to build movement literacy over the course of your sessions with her. Whether you’re looking to set a new 1 rep max, improve your overall athletic performance (in strength AND conditioning), Thea is confident she will be able to help you exceed your own expectations from Day 1.

Jeff Anderson


Jeff Anderson
Strength & Conditioning Coach - BA, DPLM, CSCS, PN1

Growing up, Jeff was always very physically active. Jeff excelled and played competitively in hockey, rugby, football, and basketball. Other activities such as hiking and waterskiing are among his passions. Jeff is also furthering his knowledge and experience as an intern Strength and Conditioning Coach at Simon Fraser University.

Training Experience:

  • Fitness and health promotion Diploma (honours), Humber College
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association
  • Intern Strength and Conditioning Coach at Simon Fraser University
  • 8+ Years Personal training, Athletes: tennis, Badminton, hockey, basketball, football, softball, golf, swimming, powerlifting, etc.
  • Bodybuilding physique shows, 2018

Who's in the gym with Jeff?

  • High Achievers, business executives, stay at home moms
  • Athletes: from youth to pro to beer league
  • Those looking to work towards the best version of themselves that they want to achieve

What to expect with Jeff

Jeff has a constant drive to learn and help others to make the best version of themselves. Utilizing his vast knowledge base and experience, Jeff is a chameleon in the gym. If you bring the intent, he will provide the art of coaching to help you achieve your goals. Let's get after it!

Bronwyn Kirk

Bronwyn Kirk

From a young age, training and sport have been at the forefront of Bronwyn's life. During grade school she competed and excelled in both track and field and cross country. Bronwyn also played, and achieved success in youth soccer at a provincial level. She has continued her passion for athletics through helping her clients accomplish their fitness goals. Bronwyn knows what it takes to become a great athlete and, more importantly, be the best version of yourself.

Training Experience:

  • NASM certified personal trainer
  • PICP level 1 certified
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • NASM Senior Fitness Specialist
  • 7+ years of strength and conditioning training

Who’s in the gym with Bronwyn? 

Anyone who wants to find their inner athlete, in whatever form that might look like to them.

What to expect with Bronwyn?

Bronwyn's goal as a coach is to positively impact her clients' lives by helping them improve their fitness and overall wellness. Bronwyn excels at tailoring her training approaches to her clientele and has experience training everyone from 16-year-old’s looking to improve their endurance, to 90-year-old’s looking to improve their stability.

Richelle Carter

Richelle Carter

As a former professional dancer and an active individual, Richelle automatically found herself drawn to the gym. Through navigating her own injuries and identifying gaps in the dance industry, Richelle delved into strength and conditioning and active rehabilitation, where she developed an appreciation for the body as a whole and how strength training can benefit everyone in and out of the gym. Outside of training, Richelle is passionate about dancing, hiking, and pursuing educational opportunities.

Training Experience:

  • BSc, Kinesiology: Concentration in Active Health and Rehabilitation, SFU
  • Practicing Kinesiologist, BCAK
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Sportsmed BC Sports Aid Certificate
  • 20+ years as a competitive dancer
  • 5+ years of strength and conditioning training
  • SFU’s Women’s Basketball Team Trainer (2021-2022)

Who’s in the gym with Richelle:

  • Females and Gym newbies
  • Youth Athletes
  • Anyone receptive to feedback who is ready to challenge themselves

What to Expect with Richelle:

As an experienced personal trainer with an extensive background in dance, Richelle aims to encourage and empower her clients in and out of the gym by using a client-centered approach. Whether you are new to the gym, working towards sport-specific goals, or recovering from an injury, Richelle is committed to providing the tools and support you need to build momentum towards your goals and find long-term success. Richelle creates an inclusive and empowering environment with her contagious energy while infusing her core values of honesty, accountability, and fun into every session.