Merch Merch Merch!!!

By Yard Athletics – March 7th, 2019

People, the Yard Athletics merchandise you’ve been dying to get your hands on is here! We’ve been seeing #YardHard devotees all over the city sporting the hoodies, socks, shirts and hats, and to be honest it warms our hearts to no end.

Right now we have the following selection of amazing kit, ready for you to get your hands on. If you’re interested in sizing or want to reserve something, shoot us a DM on Instagram or send an email “[email protected]

Remember to sign up for all classes and sessions on the Mind Body App, and book in now for next week and stuff is starting to fill up.

Also to remember, we now have the famous “Boneyard” classes available 7am and 8am, every day for the week. These are an amazing early morning burn, and always feature a great crew to get the day started.

See you in the gym!

Yard Athletics x All Twerk & No Pray Crew Neck Sweatshirt ($89)

Collaboration we did with the amazing All Twerk & No Pray Brand from Vancouver. Comfiest sweatshirt you’ll ever buy, guaranteed. 

Yard Athletics Russel Sweatpants ($45)

Ditto on the comfort levels, but this time with the same sweats you wore to Grade 11 Social Studies. 

Yard Athletics “Dad” Hats, Black or Pink ($25)

We are so happy with how these hats turned out, “Dad” hats with the brass buckle and strap on the back. Giddy-up. 

Yard Athletics Glute bands, Medium & Strong ($35)

You thought you could only do those hip and glute burns at Yard??? Now do them at home while you’re watching The Bachelor! They come in two sizes, one stronger than the other, as well as being branded with the Yard Athletics logo. 

Yard Athletics Strideline Socks ($18)

Socks that were made for a high impact lifestyle. 3 styles, all $18. Buy a handful and give them out as birthday presents…??? Good idea!

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