20 Questions w/ Anna Farrant & Jordan Bowers of All-City Athletics


By Yard Athletics – April 5th, 2019

Oh baby, do we have a special edition of 20 Questions for you today.

Obviously we are #YardHard faithful at heart, but that doesn’t mean we don’t put the weights down every once in a while and get a sweat somewhere else. All-City Athletics is a perfect example of that “somewhere else”.

Introducing Anna Farrant and Jordan Bowers, co-founders of the insanely popular Gastown boxing gym whose workouts will have you feeling like Mike Tyson – minus the tigers and face tattoos.

If you haven’t been to All-City, it’s as warm and welcoming an environment as Yard Athletics, but think punching bags and left-right combos instead of kettlebells and squats.

We are huge fans of All-City so wanted to know what makes Jordan and Anna tick… find out below if Ketogenic diets are bogus, where the best dive bar is, and the 5 worst words to hear in an All-City workout.


1. Hometown(s)?
Anna: Small town of Sidney BC
Jordan: Courtenay BC
2. Give us the All-City Athletics “elevator pitch”?
Anna: Boxing for people who don’t want to be punched in the face.
Jordan: Hi, we run a boxing gym and fitness studio in Gastown, we teach authentic Amateur style boxing but you won’t get punched in the face… unless you want to try it. Excuse me, this is my floor.
3. 5 rounds in the ring; who’s standing at the end?
Anna: Are you suggesting Jordan would punch me?
Jordan: I will die before I’m humbled.


4. Favorite restaurant, favorite dish?
Anna: Currently Di Beppe everything (or the pizza).
Jordan: The fennel, sausage, red onion balsamic pizza from Di Beppe. Or a pint of ice cream and chips in bed. Reservations are not a problem.
5. Company you wish would sponsor you?
Anna: Reigning Champ, duh.
Jordan: York Athletic Manufacturing for the best kicks in the game! They already do, bless our souls, so Reigning  Champ is the dream.
6. Most rewarding thing about All-City? Most challenging?
Anna: Watching your vision come to life and then exceeding itself. Most challenging; bookkeeping and accounting. It’s fcking relentless.
Jordan: Strangers coming through and becoming clients, clients becoming stoked on boxing and friends. 100% the community. Most challenging; cutting fat checks to the government…organizing receipts, fact checking bank stuff. Clearly Anna is the real hero here. If you know anyone that wants to take on the bills n’ paperwork… we are hiring.
7. Tell us something we don’t know about you?
Anna:  I was in a TV show in 7th grade. You will never know the name.
Jordan: Buy me a couple margaritas and I’ll tell you more than you’d care to know.
8. Last thing you watched on Netflix?
Anna: Greys anatomy. I can’t stop and I’m not ashamed.
Jordan: The Punisher and Umbrella Academy.. and the Peeky fookin Blinders!!
9. Most annoying thing about Vancouver?
Anna: Not having Uber.
Jordan: Everyone needs to be a g’damn millionaire and it’s hard for us as Vancouverites to make friends and relax. It’s like we don’t have enough fresh air, craft beer, weed or yoga.


10. Fastest time up the Grouse Grind?
Anna: Woof.
Jordan: You go on ahead, and carry me with you.
11. Best post-workout snack?
Anna: Avo Beet Smoothie from Body Energy.
Jordan: Like what do I eat, or what would be the best? I spend a lot of money at Tacofino.
12. All-City aside, what’s your favorite workout?
Anna: Lifting weights at Yard #NotAnAd
Jordan: Sprints! I’ve been throwing some weights around with Loaded Athletics and the Yard Hard crü. So, sprints and chin ups if chin ups weren’t so damn ruthless.
13. Ketogenic diets; way of the future, or unsustainable fad?
Anna: I think eating fats has had a bad rap but I also think people take it too far. Eating bacon or cheese exclusively cannot be good for you. But I’m not a doctor **see Jordans answer
Jordan: Unsustainable. Also, what is the environmental impact of all this coconut harvesting? But really, the way we raise and slaughter animals is brutal and gross and contributes to global warming. Let’s lay off the bacon. Probably scrapping all the wheat and refined carbs is good idea. Can’t we brew beer without hops too? Asking for a friend. Messes with your estrogen, right?
14. Favorite dive bar? 
Anna: I grew up in shit bars and now they have lost their appeal.
Jordan: I’d love a crispy brewski in the park any day. Low overhead.
15. Favorite “classy” bar?
Anna: Pourhouse! Best cocktails 👌🏽
Jordan: Lighting is everything. The drink is max $6, the atmosphere is the other $12.
16. Dream vacation?
Anna: Puglia on the coast of Italy.
Jordan: Boxing Camp vacation in Cuba or Mexico. I told Anna I want to do an ocean vacation where you sail and dive around collecting trash out of the ocean. I swear I’m not a nature boi, but I did buy a pair of OCIN swim trunks made from recycled polyesters and nylons.
17. Best advice you’ve ever been given?
Anna: Trust yourself and you will know how to live.

Jordan: ”I wouldn’t think too much into it.”

“Everything is always working out for us.”
“Stop talking and do it.”
18. Pet peeve in the gym?
Anna: Boxing gym – when people shadow box profiled to the mirror but watch themselves 🙄 ; Regular gym – headphones on which equals loud grunting or nosies they don’t think everyone else can hear.
Jordan: When peeps are punching from their waist not their face.
19. Plans for the future?
Anna: Head to Hawaii! Oh and live a blessed life.
Jordan: They are secret right now, even from me.
20. The 5 words no All City client ever wants to hear?
Anna: There are instructors taking the class aka now it’s hard AF .
Jordan: “We all out of towels”.

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