New Ciele Yard Hats + Specialized Water Bottles!

by Yard Athletics – Sept 19th, 2019

By far one of the most exciting merch collaborations Yard Athletics has done to date. Available now in the gym are both new YARD branded Ciele running hats, as well as YARD branded Specialized water bottles.

Ciele started in Montreal over 5 years ago, and has since grown to become the hat for runners around the world. These hats have the YARD logo on the front with Ciele Athletics stitched on the side. Hats are all black.

Ilan demonstrating the squeeze capabilities of the new Specialized water bottles

We’ve also got new Specialized water bottles covered in the Yard Athletics bull logo. They’re squeezable, meaning getting a quick sip of water without taking the lid off is super easy. Given Specialized and their history with road biking, we figured they would know what’s up.

Ciele Hat – $44.99 +tax

Specialized Water Bottle – $19.99 +tax


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