20 Questions w/ Marianne Beilmann: #YardHard Faithful

20 Questions w/ Marianne Beilmann: #YardHard Faithful

By Yard Athletics – Feb 8th, 2019

Tuesday’s blog was a little doom and gloom (…”50% of US Adults have heart disease“) so we had no choice but to liven things up with everyones favorite question and answer series… the Yard Athletics 20 Questions! We might be biased, but ours seems a lot better than that cheesy, totally-scripted-but-pretending-to-not-be-scripted Vogue 73 Questions video series… Bella Hadid, you’re welcome at Yard anytime.

Today we have the pleasure of introducing another regular in the Yard Athletics gym, Marianne Beilmann. Below we asked “Muds” a variety of new and interesting questions, such as which Hemsworth brother is best (Luke doesn’t count, sorry…), where to get a decent breakfast in Vancouver (hint: you need an invite), and how much time Marianne is spending on Instagram looking at wedding dresses.


1. Hometown?
Caracas, Venezuela.
2. First experience with Yard Athletics?
Annoyingly DM’ing Cumby til I finally joined an Old Fashioned session.
3. Shoe company you wish would sponsor you?
Church’s (shoes, not chicken… though I’ll take that too).
4. Hemsworth’s: Liam or Chris?
Chris. The more refrigerator like, the better.
5. Best breakfast in Vancouver?
My Venezuelan arepas with black beans, chorizo and feta on sunday mornings.
6. Secret talent?
I can play classical violin.
7. Tell us something we don’t know about you?
I’m the most annoying person in the gym so you know almost everything.
8. 5 songs on your perfect workout list?
  1. Blockbuster Night, Pt 1 – Run the Jewels
  2. I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges
  3. Te Bot̩ РOzuna, Bad Bunny
  4. Mi Gente – J Balvin
  5. Any Led Zeppelin
9. Best thing about your job?
Our focus on health and wellness and the workout perks.
10. City you wish you could live for a year?
11. Best / worst thing about Vancouver?
Best: Hot, Summer days.
Worst: Dark, rainy days.
12. Favorite hobby?
Crate digging and music discovery.
13. Age at which you picked up said hobby?
I started stealing my sister’s cassettes at age 7.
14. Wine, beer, cocktails, or none of the above?
All of the above and Maker’s on the rocks.
15. Biggest success in life?
Paying my own way through university and getting a job, even with just an English Lit degree.
16. Coffee or Tea?
17. Words to live by?
“Haha k byeeeee”
18. Best thing about Yard Athletics?
Cumby’s ox sized legs.
19. Most regretful purchase of 2018?
I bought a cropped sweater that I wore to work and someone asked if it was actually meant for a dog and they may have been correct.
20. Instagram –> Menu –> Your Activity –> What is your daily average time spent?
I couldn’t figure out how to find this, but I definitely don’t spend any time looking at girls with nice bodies or wedding dresses I wish I had bought. Definitely not.

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