Happy Birthday Joce!!!

By Yard Athletics – April 9th, 2019

Everyone, drop what you’re doing and go wish our #YardHard legend Jocelyn Erickson a very happy birthday!

If you’ve been to Yard Athletics (… that should be a rhetorical question??) you know Joce as the smiling, laughing, “10/10 energy level” trainer who can turn the so-called strongest person in the gym to a sweating, wheezing wreck in about 15 minutes. And we loooooove it!

Happy Birthday Joce from the entire Yard Athletics family! We’re still looking for the perfect crop-top sweatshirt as your gift…

Also of note, check out the latest Montecristo magazine for a wicked feature on Yard Athletics founder Ilan Cumberbirch! Very stoked to be included in this list of great trainers across the city; thanks again for the feature MC!

The #YardHard train rolls on…


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