Free EPIC Bars at Yard Athletics! Feb 19th – March 8th

By Yard Athletics – Feb 19th, 2019

Hope everyone had a restful Family Day weekend! Great news… for the next few weeks, Yard Athletics will be hosting a promotion from EPIC Provisions, giving away some of their famous performance and meat bars, free of charge.

EPIC Provisions was founded by Katie and Taylor Collins in Austin TX, after years following strict vegan and vegetarian diets that left them with many unidentified ailments and health issues. Deciding they needed a lifestyle change that satisfied both their active lifestyles, as well as environmental beliefs, they started EPIC, offering a variety of grass fed meat, fruit and nut bars and other products.

Yard Athletics is really excited about the promotion, so the next time you’re in the gym ask us for a sample and we will HOOK. YOU. UP.


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