Free EPIC Bars at Yard Athletics! Feb 19th – March 8th

By Yard Athletics – Feb 19th, 2019 Hope everyone had a restful Family Day weekend! Great news… for the next few weeks, Yard Athletics will be hosting a promotion from EPIC Provisions, giving away some of their famous performance and meat bars, free of charge. EPIC Provisions was founded by Katie and Taylor Collins in Austin TX, after years following … Read More

Up Your Cooking Game w/ Natalie Cumberbirch

Up Your Cooking Game w/ Natalie Cumberbirch

By Natalie Cumberbirch – Jan 16th, 2019 New year, new you. New goals, resolutions, ambitions, intentions. Drink more water, eat more greens, try new recipes. They’re all great. I’ve set the goal of writing food posts – one per month, maybe you’ll get two. Now I’ve said it, it’s out there; no backing down now! As I made my dinner … Read More

RECIPE – Rolled Turkey Breast w/ Speck, Goat Cheese and Arugula

By Henry Gould – Oct 3rd, 2018 It’s Thanksgiving weekend! For some of you, that means going home to families houses, eating the traditional roast turkey with cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy mashed potatoes, the whole 9 yards. And that’s all great. But for others, it might mean a smaller gathering of a few friends, maybe two or three, which doesn’t … Read More

RECIPE – Braised Chicken Thighs with leeks, bacon and white wine

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! As we get into the week and reality sets in (…wine at 1pm isn’t appropriate on a Tuesday?!?!?!) it’s always nice to plan some meals for a few days so that the tempting piece of pizza or donut doesn’t pull you off track. This recipe of Braised Chicken Thighs with Leeks, Bacon and … Read More

RECIPE – Bone Broth

  Despite the power of the food trend juggernaut (Poke bowls? Kale Caesar? Turmeric in everything?), “bone broth” is nothing new. Since humans started using water as a medium to cook with, meat, bones and vegetables have been boiled together to extract more nutrients and make the digestion of food easier. Bone broth can be as simple as simmering a … Read More