12 Days Of Christmas: Dec 12th –> Buy any Customized Strength & Conditioning Package, receive free Group Drop

By Yard Athletics – Dec 12th, 2018

All good things must come to an end! Today is the last day of Yard Athletics 12 Days of Christmas, and we have to say thank you all so much for the support, and for getting on there and buying passes and sessions to the Yard! We are nothing without the community of people who come train with us, so thank you again. Hopefully you’ve gotten some good deals out of it 😉

Today’s final deal is a doozie: Buy any customized strength & conditioning package, and receive a free Group Drop-In. Whether you’re looking to train for a sport, event, race, or just generally getting in better shape, a customized program is the best way to stay on track and maintain motivation. This program is custom built for your needs, featuring tailored exercise plans to help you achieve your goals. And as a bonus, we’ll throw in a free group class!

Thanks again, see you in the gym!


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