Yard Athlete Development Spotlight: Brett Festerling

by Yard Athletics – Dec 9th, 2020

We’re back with the latest installment of our Yard Athlete Development Spotlight. This week we’re getting to know a Yard Athletics legend by the name of Brett Festerling.

“Festy” has been a mainstay with Yard Athletics since the early days, and has carved an impressive career that has gone from the WHL, NHL and now the German Professional League.

Where did you grow up playing hockey? 
I grew up playing hockey in Quesnel British Columbia. I was lucky enough to grow up on a lake where my father would shovel an ice rink for my brother and I to play on in the winter. Those are some of my favorite memories playing hockey growing up.
When did you realize you wanted to pursue hockey seriously?
I grew up wanting to play in the NHL but didn’t take it very serious until agents started pursuing me around 14 years old. That’s when you start to take training and other things more serious.
How did you first start training with Yard Athletics? 
I guess I just followed Cumby to the yard after he started it. He was so good to train with from a coaching point of view, but also from a motivational side that I just loved training at the Yard.
What sort of impact has training with Yard had on your growth as a player?
The atmosphere that the coaches create at the yard allows me to put in the work without it feeling like a job. This allows me to push myself on a daily basis and get further in my training.
The heaviest squat or deadlift doesn’t mean you’re the best on the ice. How does Yard’s training balance strength with power, agility and fitness?
The training is ever evolving during the summer. From heavy maxes to agility and movement on turf and everything in between. We train for all facets of the game.
Proudest moment of your hockey career? Worst?
Proudest is probably my first NHL game or winning the memorial cup. Worst is probably some of the injuries I went through.
Who’s got the best chirps on the ice?
I usually tune that stuff out. I remember Sean Avery being pretty funny.
What’s next for you in hockey?
No idea, let’s get through COVID-19 first. Either way I’ll be at the Yard!


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