New Year’s Eve Recipe Round-Up

Recipe – Ragu Bolognese

by Henry Gould – Dec 31st, 2020

Happy New Year’s to our entire Yard Athletics community! Despite a challenging 2020 we are chalking it up in the win column as it saw the much awaited opening of Yard’s very own gym, something Ilan and team had been planning for quite some time.

Your NYE celebrations probably look a little different this year, so you’ll likely be at home and probably want something nice to eat. Why not spend some time making a nice dinner for yourself and everyone in your “bubble”?

Since the recipes on this blog have always tried to be a little more exciting than “steamed vegetables and skinless chicken breasts” I’ve done a round-up of some of the best, NYE appropriate dishes for you to make with your crew. Some are easier, others a little more involved, but nothing you can’t handle.

See you in the gym in 2021!

Farro Risotto w/ Pancetta, Argula and Fontina Cheese

Everyone loves risotto, so why not make it sliiiightly healthier by subbing in farro? This version gets very stringy and creamy from the Fontina cheese.

Ragu Bolognese

Recipe – Ragu Bolognese

Everyone has their own version of ragu Bolognese, but I’m quietly confident that this rendition could stand toe to toe with anything in Emilia Romagna.

Goat Cheese Stuffed Zuchinni in Spicy Lamb Sauce 

This is a showstopper, and way easier to make than it looks.

Spanish Patatas Bravas

The classic tapas bar snack, very easily replicated at home. Fully vegan if you sub out regular mayo for plant based (or leave out entirely).

World’s Best Kale Caesar

Makes a great side dish, or could be the main event.



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