I think we can all agree, any type of workout done to your favorite music is going to be better than one done in complete silence. Unless you’re someone who gains energy from the quiet void, chances are you have an energetic playlist lined up to get you through the grind. Yard Athletics coach Jocelyn Erickson recently told me she spends hours per week to fine tune her Ride Cycle Club lists for teaching spin classes, something that can make or break a session for devoted regulars.

If you don’t own your own gym, it’s safe to say you’re rocking out in headphones so that other people can’t hear the Taylor Swift or Migos blasting at not-safe-for-ear levels. For myself, I’ve recently been using these Bose SoundSport headphones and overall been pretty happy. They’re not wireless (I can’t be bothered to charge one more item in my life!) and they’re not noise cancelling, but for $100 they do the job and have rubber insets to stop the buds falling out of your ears.

This article in Scientific American from 2013 highlights some of the specific reasons working out with music is so effective. As expected, a lot of it comes down to the “beats per minute” of the song, as well as personal memories attached to the music. Who can forget how emotional it was seeing the Vancouver Canucks skating out to U2’s “Where The Streets Have No Name”?

The memory quotient is likely why most people who are looking to get the most out of their music + workout relationship choose to make their own playlists, with songs that will help take things up another gear during a long race or workout. However, if you don’t want to make your own, simply search “Workout” on any of the streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music) and hundreds of results come up.

If you’re not on the streaming services, try this 1 Hour set from DJ & Producer ZHU from Coachella 2018.

Also, this may seem dorky, but videos of NFL Players working out is usually motivation in and of itself….!

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