Introducing Melis Papila! NEW Yard Athletics Coach

by Yard Athletics – Feb 18th, 2021

Big news! Yard Athletics has just picked up a new first round draft pick 😉 … Please give a warm welcome to our newest personal training specialist, Melis Papila!

Melis is now available to book for 1:1 and 2:1 personal training sessions at Yard on the following days and times. For all availability please log onto the MindBody app (…please don’t DM us on Instagram ❤️)

Monday: 5pm – 8pm

Wednesday: 5pm – 8pm

Sunday: 9am – 11am

Who is Melis??? Let’s get to know her!


As a competitive powerlifter and coach, Melis’ mission is to help people see how much a barbell can change their lives. She works relentlessly to share information on health, mental health, strength training, and cultivating an athlete mindset, even for the everyday gym-goer.

Outside of the gym you can find Melis obsessively talking about her dog Duke, eating her weight in pizza, blogging about beer, hiking, miserably failing at snowboarding and traveling (pre-pandemic)

Training Experience:

B.A, University of Ottawa

USPL certified coach

USPL competitor

Who’s in the gym with Melis:

Anyone who wants to invest in their health and fitness.

Strength athletes.

Anyone looking to get strong AF and improve their body composition.

What to expect with Melis:

Melis is your personal cheerleader who will keep you accountable and push you to nurture your inner competitor. Whether you’re picking up a barbell for the first time in your life or getting ready for a competition, Melis will help fine-tune your movements and provide you with a fun yet challenging workout.  Her supportive attitude and contagious energy will help you crush your fitness goals.

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