9 Post-Workout Snacks; Eat Your Fiber x10; Short Sleep = Dehydrated

by Henry Gould – Feb 12th, 2020 Sometimes on the Yard Athletics blog we like to do deep dives, pulling back the layers on a particular topic and uncovering the truths, half-truths and all out falsehoods. Other times we’re dialing in tried and tested recipes that are healthy, easy to make, and taste way, way, wayyyyyy better then whatever comes … Read More

In Defense Of Heavy Lifting

Yard Training Series Functional Mass Program

by Henry Gould – Feb 5th, 2020 In life, we all know that Mom’s are bound to remind us of a few things: 1) “Take a jacket, it might be cold!” 2) “Did you say please and thank you??” 3) “Don’t try and lift that, it’s too heavy, you’ll pull your back!” Fear of lifting heavy things for fear of … Read More

RECIPE – Morning Power Smoothie

by Henry Gould – Jan 29th, 2020 We all know and love the smoothies at Body Energy Club, but at $8+ a pop it can start to add up over the course of a month. Especially if you’re adding extra bee pollen shots and collagen powders… The beauty of making smoothies at home is: Saves you a ton of cash  … Read More

What Are Processed Foods? + “Strength Training Builds More Than Muscles”

by Henry Gould – Jan 23, 2020 I stumbled across two interesting articles this week – both from Harvard Health Publishing – that addressed often discussed topics in the world of health and wellness. The first –> “What are ultra-processed foods and are they bad for our health?” The second –> “Strength training builds more than muscles” Processed Foods This … Read More

“10 Things I Can’t Live Without” w/ Ilan Cumberbirch

by Yard Athletics – Jan 21st, 2020 New blog feature alert! Piggy-backing on the success of our renowned “20 Questions” series, we are now introducing something called “10 Things I Can’t Live Without”. We all lead busy lives, and whether we like it or not it’s only a matter of time before we fall into habits of certain things we … Read More

Aerobic Exercise Helps Your Brain

by Henry Gould – Jan 15th, 2019 Who doesn’t love a little Pop-Sci, Click-Bait health news?? I do, I do! Most are aware that maintaining a lifestyle centered around a good diet and regular exercise means a much lower risk of disease, and an overall greater quality of mental health. Eating healthy and getting enough physical activity can be difficult … Read More

RECIPE – Roasted Carrots w/ Caraway, Honey and Feta Cheese

by Henry Gould – Jan 9th, 2019 The holiday season is over, which means power-washing your arteries free of all the cheese and egg nog that is probably still lingering. Yes, this particular recipe has some cheese, but I mean… feta is pretty mild as far as cheeses go… and you want to start 2020 on a healthy kick that … Read More

December Deals & January Savings!

by Yard Athletics – Dec 28th, 2019 Nothing is better than that weird week between Christmas and New Years Eve. You don’t really know what day it is, traffic is a breeze, and you slowly but surely relent and decide to host a party on the 31st because no one else stepped up to the plate. It’s also a great … Read More

Twas The Night Before Yardmas…

by Yard Athletics – Dec 24, 2019 ‘Twas the night before Yardmas, when all through the gym, Not a client was lifting, so the lights were on dim. The dumbbells were stacked in the rack with care, In hopes that Coach Shawzo soon would be there. The Bone Yard members were nestled, legs sore in their beds, While visions of … Read More

Sleepless Nights = Anxiety

by Henry Gould – Dec 17th, 2019 We all know that anxious feeling of going to bed for an early wake-up, and immediately calculating how much sleep you’ll get if you can just fall asleep right now. Or there’s the dreaded “It’s-1:45am-and-I’m-still-at-the-bar-doing-shots-but-I-have-to-be-up-for-an-8:00am-meeting” kind of sleep calculations which we won’t even get into. Sleep is a fascinating subject. From an evolutionary … Read More