Yard Athletics has some high-level competitive athletes using our gym as a home base to train and hone their craft. We are very excited that Yard can supply a training facility for these competitive athletes. You may have seen them around the gym. Let’s get to know them with a classic Yard “20 Questions”.


First up is Paralympian, Jessye Brockway.


1) Hometown?

I was born in Mill Bay, British Columbia.

2) What sport do you play?


3) When did you begin playing your sport?

I started in 2019 switching from Athletics.

4) At what level do you or have you competed? 

National Championships, Canadian Record Holder for (Discus, Javelin and Shot Put) Junior World Championships (for Discus and Shot put), World Championships and the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics for Rowing.

5) Big milestone you’re working towards in sport?

  1. 2024 Paris Paralympics
  2. Working on my mental health

6) What was your first experience with Yard?

My first impression of Yard was, “Wow, this gym is like the ones you see in movies or on Instagram. Everyone is so friendly, and I immediately felt welcomed”.

7) Current Goals at the gym?

I am learning to do a muscle-up and gain more flexibility/stability.

8) Least favourite exercise? 

Erging….. shhh don’t tell my coaches.

9) How do you stay motivated?

I stay motivated because I show up whether I’m having a bad day or a good one. I committed myself to being better. I show up and work on myself.

10) Best advice you received? 

“Better the Ball” – My first rowing coach ever, Lisa Tschannen, told me this, and it has stuck with me ever since. If you have a bad stroke, improve the next stroke and make it better. That goes with everything I do. If it wasn’t good the first time, learn from it and make the next piece better. Think about what you can actively do to keep improving.

11) How can we follow along with your athletic journey? What’s your Instagram or team Instagram account?

Follow my journey @jessyebrock.

12) Top 3 songs in your gym playlist?

  1. Believer – Imagine Dragons
  2. I Found You – Cash cash & Andy Grammer
  3. Keep It Simple -Matoma, Petey Martin, and Wilder Woods

13) Philosophy on nutrition, any tips?

I believe in investing in my health/nutrition by eating healthy meals, caring about what’s in my food, and finding foods that make my body feel good.

Tips: Drink water when you have a headache; it’s a sign that you’re dehydrated. If you feel bloated, try eating a low Fodmap diet (i.e., foods that don’t cause irritable bowl syndrome). If you have trouble sleeping, try half a teaspoon of nutmeg in one cup of hot milk or milk alternative.

14) Who inspires you (who to follow)?

I inspire myself; I think about my future and the potential I have, and I keep chasing after my goals.

15) The last book you read?

It Takes What It Takes – Trevor Moawad & Russell Wilson.

 16) Advice for someone pursuing their passion for sport?

My advice is to show up and make your goals happen. No one is there to push you. Only YOU can achieve your goals.

17) What are you doing when you’re not training?

I am spending time with my husband finding new places to eat together, backcountry camping and making polymer clay jewelry.

18) What’s in your gym bag?

Yoga block, journal, gymnastics rings, snack bar, water bottle, change of clothes, and a rain jacket.

 19) Are you a morning person?

Yes, I wake up and get excited to go to the gym. I used to be such a night owl, but now I love waking up early.

20) What’s your morning routine?

Wake up 6:30 am -7:30 am, make a good smoothie, shower, get ready, catch the bus/ train, go to the gym and have a good workout at Yard Athletics or at the community centre

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