Sleepless Nights = Anxiety

by Henry Gould – Dec 17th, 2019 We all know that anxious feeling of going to bed for an early wake-up, and immediately calculating how much sleep you’ll get if you can just fall asleep right now. Or there’s the dreaded “It’s-1:45am-and-I’m-still-at-the-bar-doing-shots-but-I-have-to-be-up-for-an-8:00am-meeting” kind of sleep calculations which we won’t even get into. Sleep is a fascinating subject. From an evolutionary … Read More

Reminder! Sandwich X Warm Clothing Drive This Saturday Dec 14th

by Yard Athletics – Dec 12th, 2019 Heads up to all our Yard Athletics community: this Saturday Dec 14th, 2019 we will be doing a Sandwich and Warm Clothing Drive with Natalie Cumberbirch. If anyone is interested in helping out, or donating warm clothes / cash towards the food purchase, we would be greatly appreciative. As well, anyone who would … Read More

RECIPE – Holiday Appetizer Ideas

by Henry Gould – Dec 10th, 2019 Whether you’re hosting holiday parties or attending them, it’s good to be a generous host / guest. Don’t ever, EVER show up empty handed. Always ask what can you bring? And if they say nothing, then bring an extra bottle of wine, flowers, a candle, a puppy, or something else they didn’t ask … Read More

Yard Athletics Gift Cards!

Yard Training Series Functional Mass Program

by Yard Athletics – Dec 6th, 2019 Let’s not kid ourselves; holiday shopping can be a drag. Not only are stores at their peak of crazy, it’s a never-ending battle of finding the right size, colour, style, make, model, and any other factor that comes into play. That’s why Yard Athletics is here to help! Introducing Yard Athletics Gift Cards, … Read More

Surviving The December Decadence

by Henry Gould – Dec 3rd, 2019 We’ve hit December, which means holiday parties and excessive eating and drinking are starting to gain momentum. It can sometimes feel impossible to escape, especially when there’s a seemingly endless stream of excuses to indulge every day of the week. But that’s why we’re here to help! Instead of being the grinch who … Read More

December Holiday Sale!

by Yard Athletics – Dec 1st, 2019 Yard Athletics is getting into the holiday spirit, and are ready to launch some awesome savings on a variety of sessions in the gym. Available through the month of December, all the below deals are now live on the MindBody app. Any questions, give us a shout –> [email protected] 10 session 1:1 package … Read More

RECIPE – Miso & Tahini Chicken Rice Bowl

by Henry Gould – Nov 27th, 2019 I’ll be honest, sometimes I invent recipes and they don’t turn out well. Garlic and strawberry ice cream was one example. But this miso & tahini chicken stir fry rice bowl, this did not suck. Not at all. Miso adds amazing umami flavor, and tahini thickens everything very nicely. Also? It could be … Read More

20 Questions w/ Billy Baker

by Yard Athletics – Nov 22nd, 2019 If you’ve been to Yard Athletics (especially on a Friday morning around 7:59am) you probably know Billy. He’s hard to miss! Tall, handsome, flexible, and most importantly, can dish out chirps out like a chickadee during mating season. Bill has been a mainstay at the Yard since before the Yard was the Yard, … Read More

Yard Athletics Sandwich & Warm Clothing Drive

by Yard Athletics – Nov 21, 2019 Mark your calendars! Dec 14th, 2019, Yard Athletics is joining forces with Natalie Cumberbirch to do a Sandwich and Warm Clothing Drive in downtown Vancouver. The holidays are a time for giving, especially to those less fortunate who may not be able to give or receive. We wanted to do our part by … Read More

Big Announcement!

Yard Athletics Training Series - Foundations of Strength - Program 1

by Ilan Cumberbirch – Nov 19th, 2019 Hi Everyone, Today, I am extremely excited to launch The Yard Online Training Series ( ). I created this online training portal out of necessity; a necessity to provide quality, scientifically backed training programs for individuals of all experience levels and with varying goals. In an industry overpopulated with fly-by-night fads, show pony … Read More