To welcome Thea to the team, we sat down with her and asked her our classic 20 questions. Thea is a former competitive dancer, Olympic Weightlifter, and has a caffeine obsession. Let’s get to know our new coach a bit better.

1) Hometown? 


2) How did you first hear about Yard?

I heard about Yard from my years working at Lululemon. At the time, I was training intensively as a competitive weightlifter, so I never took the leap to try out the gym. A few years later, the stars aligned, and I got to join the team!

3) What was your first experience with Yard?

I came down to train with Matt a few weeks before applying to be a part of the team and fell in love with the energy of the space. Hearing about his experience coaching at Yard made me excited to be a part of how they’re changing and impacting the Vancouver Fitness community.

4) Favorite lift?

Back squats!! I love a heavy barbell.

5) Least favourite exercise? 

I honestly feel there’s no exercise I despise because I believe there’s always a purpose to everything!

Oh, wait…. sled pushes. Those are nasty.

6) How do you stay motivated?

I create habits that become a part of my daily routine, which keeps me on track, even on the days when I might not feel “up to it.” If it’s already part of my day-to-day, there are no excuses to cut corners! Motivation is temporary, so I don’t like relying on doing something when I’m “in the mood.”

7) Best advice you received? 

“Mood follows action. Don’t wait until you’re in the mood to do it; start doing it, and the mood will arise all on its own.”

8) Worst advice?

If you feel tired, more coffee will fix it #lies

9) Your favourite part about Yard?

The people!!! I could train them in a dumpster and still enjoy myself because this community’s energy is contagious.

10) Top 3 songs in your gym playlist?

1. ANYTHING from Knife Party (I know I cheated, it’s not a single song..)

2. Primal Scream by Motley Crüe

3. We Will Rock You by Queen

11) Go to post-workout meal?

Meat, rice and some veggies. Simple and effective!

12) How did you start your fitness journey?

I started doing HIIT classes with my mom after graduating high school to build strength for the career in dance I was pursuing at the time.

13) How would you describe the Yard environment? 

Intensely inviting (so not intimidating but also rough around the edges).

14) The last book you read?

A coaching textbook…… #nerdalert

15) Advice for someone coming to train with you for the first time?

If you walk away feeling good in your body and feel like you’ve learned something that day, then I’ve done my job!

16) What are you doing when you’re not at the Yard? 

Right now, I’m planning my wedding (woo!), and I also coach other individuals remotely, so I follow up on check-ins and do programming for the upcoming weeks.

17) Advice for someone who is starting their fitness journey?

Be open to learning from anyone and everyone!! Also, be patient with yourself, no one ever “gets it” right off the bat. Progress may seem slow at times, but if you keep showing up, one day, you’ll notice all the hours of work you’ve put in.

18) What’s in your gym bag?

 Wrist wraps, lifting straps, lifting belt, weightlifting shoes, creatine, pre-workout, powdered carbs and my training journal.

19) Are you a morning person?

ABSOLUTELY. It’s the best time of day.

20) What’s your morning routine?

Wake up, make coffee ASAP, journal, answer any emails that came up the night before and do some morning movement (outdoor walk or go for a run).

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