20 Questions with Whitecaps FC Midfielder – Ryan Gauld

The best questionnaire on the web is back and better than ever, with a brand new set of 20 Questions to bounce off a special guest. Ryan Gauld, the Scottish midfielder for the Whitecaps FC has spent the past few months of his offseason training at The Yard. We’re fortunate enough to sit down with him and find out a little more about all things life, sport, and fitness.

1) Hometown?

Laurencekirk, Scotland

2) What sport do you play?


3) When did you begin playing your sport?

Around 5 or 6 years old.

4) At what level do you or have you competed? 

In the Scottish and Portuguese leagues. Also the MLS, the highest level of soccer play in the US and Canada.

5) Big milestone you’re working towards in sport?

My main goal is to reach the national team.

6) What was your first experience with Yard?

Coming in to meet with Ilan to chat about training and overall goals.

*Photo was taken from Ryan Gauld’s Instagram

7) Current Goals at the gym?

To become fitter and stronger. I train to stay healthy and prevent injuries from occurring during the season.

8) Least favourite exercise?

 Pull-ups without a shadow of a doubt.

9) How do you stay motivated?

I’m very competitive so by always trying to be better than the last version of myself.

10) Best advice you received? 

Never quit, no matter what!

11) How can we follow along with your athletic journey? What’s your Instagram or team Instagram account?

On the Vancouver Whitecaps Instagram or my personal one ‘Ryangauld’.

12) Top 3 songs in your gym playlist?

  1. T.N.T – ACDC
  2. Hang Me up to Dry – Cold War Kids
  3. Last Nite – The Strokes

13) Philosophy on nutrition, any tips?

I feel there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of everything in moderation. But a lot of meat and greens!

14) Who inspires you (who to follow)?

Watching the Barcelona team from when I was younger made me fall in love with football.

 15) The last book you read?

Biography of Jack Nicholson.

 16) Advice for someone pursuing their passion for sport?

Exactly what I was told, never quit. With hard work, you can achieve anything.

17) What are you doing when you’re not training?

Exploring Vancouver with my dogs.

 19) Are you a morning person?

For sure. I much prefer waking up early and starting the day right than lazing around.

20) What’s your morning routine?

The first thing is always a coffee! Then out with my dogs and off to training.

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