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Yard Athletics Training Series - Foundations of Strength - Program 1
by Ilan Cumberbirch – Nov 19th, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am extremely excited to launch The Yard Online Training Series ( ). I created this online training portal out of necessity; a necessity to provide quality, scientifically backed training programs for individuals of all experience levels and with varying goals. In an industry overpopulated with fly-by-night fads, show pony trainers and cash grab marketing propaganda, I felt a need to provide quality online training programs to those that desired to better themselves. 

The Yard Online Training Series offers 4 different platforms from which you can choose:

  1. Foundations of Strength (
  2. Functional Mass (
  3. Advanced Strength (
  4. Conditioning (

Each platform contains 3 separate programs from which you can select, leaving you with 12 different programs to select from. Each program contains 4 weeks of workouts, 5 days per week; 1 year’s worth of training programs accessible to you in the palm of your hands.

All workouts are accompanied by video demonstrations, with a video exercise library accessible to you containing over 200 video demonstrations. You can expect 60-75 minute full body workouts, improved strength, mobility, conditioning, body composition, longevity, lifting technique, and mental and physical well being.

Nothing was overlooked in the creation of these programs and a lot of fine tuning was required. I have personally followed each one of these programs and implemented them with an array of clientele throughout the years, including professional athletes, general population clients, new lifters, and bruised and battered weekend warriors. Depending on what your goals are, we have a program that is suited to your needs. By manipulating training variables such as volume, intensity, frequency, and exercise selection, no two workouts are the same and physical adaptation is ensured.

Yard Training Series Functional Mass Program

For those of you that have read through this and are intrigued, feel free to sign up here ( and take one of our 12 online training programs for a 3 day test drive. It is time that we all begin to move our bodies in the way that they were meant to be moved.

I look forward to receiving your feedback on The Yard Online Training Series and guiding you on your path to bettering yourself.


Ilan Cumberbirch

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