20 Questions w/ Jamiel Moore-Williams: Yard Athletics Personal Trainer

by Yard Athletics – Nov 11th, 2020

It’s our pleasure to finally introduce Jamiel Moore-Williams to the Yard Athletics 20 Questions series! Long overdue but just in time, we wanted to fire our famous 20 Questions at “Jam”, who you might have had the pleasure of training with Wednesday afternoons in the gym.

As always, we want to peel back the layers and really get to know our community, so read below to find out Jam’s favorite restaurant, why the best patio isn’t a patio at all, and what the worst gym pet peeve is.



Toronto ON


Word of mouth! Spencer, an old teammate of mine, said “Jam you have to come by and check out this class! I think you’ll really enjoy it”. I was then introduced to Ilan and things clicked right off the bat. He’s an awesome down to earth guy, really is passionate about training. I rock with that!  These adverse times were truly a blessing in disguise, it has allowed for our schedule to align and I’m extremely happy because of it!

  1. Favorite restaurant, favorite dish?

Jamaican Patty Shack, 3 Curry beef patties and a Curry chicken Roti to go please 🥰.

  1. Squats, Deadlifts or Bench Press?

It all depends….. Mini trap bar available? Hammer strength/rouge multi function bench press bar available? We doing front squats? Hey man what’s good!? You got to be more specific!

  1. Company you wish would sponsor you?

Honestly would love a deal with Beats by Dre, make my own clothing under them? (Headphone friendly attire….)

  1. Last text you sent = the title of your new autobiography.

“Cause I’m not playing campaign today”. Could be a sick autobiography title or Album Cover …

  1. Exercise that people hate the most?

Most people hate to Deadlift because the fear it will lead them to the chiropractor. I deadlift to stay away from the chiropractor, let’s rock.

  1. Last thing you watched on Netflix?

“American Assassin”  WICKED movie to say the least.

  1. Most annoying thing about Vancouver?

Can be the food! Sometimes it’s absolutely yuck.

  1. Fastest time up the Grouse Grind?

I don’t think I’ll ever do the grouse grind, way too many stairs!

Jamiel Moore-Williams

  1. Best post-workout snack?

Best post workout snack would have to be a nice salty burger and beer.

  1. Favorite thing about Yard Athletics?

The people! Everyone has an infectious passion about fitness. We all bring some different to table.

  1. Junk food you will never stop eating?

Easiest question so far “Annette’s glazed doughnuts” 12pk please 😋

  1. Best patio?

Since I don’t patio, I’d have to say the beach! Red Stripe on the beach is a phenomenal time.

  1. Best drink to have on that patio?

See above.

  1. Dream vacation?

Dream vacation would be to island hop and spend a night on every Caribbean Island, eating and relaxing.

  1. Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Remember why you are here. Be a unicorn in a field of horses…

  1. Pet peeve in the gym?

Gym pet peeve would have to be mirror obstruction, hands down.

  1. Airplane: aisle, middle or window?

I’m a window seat kind of guy, have to see where we are going.

  1. Advice for someone coming to a Jamiel Yard Athletics group class?
Get ready to smile & sweat but most importantly have F.U.N! Come to class to find out what that means 😎

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