20 Questions w/ Christina & Talia

by Yard Athletics – March 3rd, 2021

WE’RE BACK. The best question and answer series on the internet… accept literally zero substitutes. Forget about that other, less good Q&A from some “famous fashion magazine” that asks far too many questions and comes off sterile and inauthentic…

No we’re not jealous.

Today we welcome Christina  and Talia, two regulars at Yard Athletics for the last few years who can truly lay claim to being #YARDHARD (Christina currently working out with a broken wrist…)

We find out which of the Canadian movie “Ryan’s” is best (hint: neither), what special hobbies they have, and what the most regretful COVID purchase of 2020 was.

Enjoy !

1. Hometown(s)?
Christina: Vancouver BC.
Talia: Toronto
2. First experience with Yard Athletics?
Christina: It was with @ Nicolakong in 2019…I don’t know why the assault bike made me physically sick just looking at it. However, after that day my alter ego Olga was risen.
Talia: Chrissy brought me to Sam’s class, it was overwhelming at first, but I have been going religiously ever since!
3. Company you wish would sponsor you?
Christina: White Spot !!!!
Talia: Yard – so I could come every day.
4. Ryan’s: Reynolds or Gosling?
Christina: Neither. Michael B Jordan wya??
Talia: –
5. Top 3 albums for a desert island?

Christina: Whitney Houston – 1985

More Life- Drake

E=MC2- Mariah Carey

Rufus du sol – Bloom and Atlas;
Red Hot Chili Peppers – By the Way;
this is really hard to answer…
6. Hardest exercise at Yard?
Christina: Pull-ups.
Talia: Sled.
7. Secret to happiness?
Christina: Snacks.
Talia: Don’t take things too seriously.
8. Dream job?
Christina: If we are talking 2010 when Much Music VJs were a thing, then it would be that.
Talia: Trial lawyer.
9. Favorite restaurant, favorite dish?
Christina: Peppinos, Rigatoni Alla Vodka.
Talia: Le Relais de l’Entrecote – steak frites
10. City you wish you could live for a year?
Christina: Bologna, Italy.
Talia: New York.
11. Best / worst thing about Vancouver?
Christina: The weather / the weather.
Talia: Best – close to the mountains; worst – lack of rooftop patios.
12. Favorite hobby?
Christina: Compulsively adding things to my online shopping cart on Amazon then reviewing each item vigorously before checking out.
Talia: What is this a job interview…..?! Is it bad to say drinking….?
13. Age at which you picked up that hobby?
Christina: It got extreme after the age of 25.
Talia     😐
14. Proudest accomplishment?
Christina: I can still do the bridge pose, and successfully did not blow my back out after!
Talia: Passing the bar.
15. Describe a Yard workout to someone who has never been.
Christina: Death row.
Talia: A healthy mix of HIIT and weight training but much less boring then that sounds.
16. Coffee or Tea?
Christina: Sometimes coffee, sometimes matcha.
Talia: Coffee
17. COVID-19 is over; what’s the first thing you do?
Christina: Go ape sh*t then get married!
Talia: Sign up for every 7 am Yard Group Class.
18. Ski or Snowboard?
Christina: Neither. I just broke my wrist snowboarding. Drinks @ the Chalet from now on…
Talia: Ski.
19. Most regretful purchase of 2020?
Christina: Anything that was purchased in quarantine ex. a whole manicure drill set that I still don’t know how to use.
Talia: Spent 100’s of dollars on plants that I ended up killing.
20. Best follow on Instagram?
Christina: @Sainthoax

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