RECIPE – Morning Power Smoothie

by Henry Gould – Jan 29th, 2020 We all know and love the smoothies at Body Energy Club, but at $8+ a pop it can start to add up over the course of a month. Especially if you’re adding extra bee pollen shots and collagen powders… The beauty of making smoothies at home is: Saves you a ton of cash  … Read More

RECIPE – Roasted Carrots w/ Caraway, Honey and Feta Cheese

by Henry Gould – Jan 9th, 2019 The holiday season is over, which means power-washing your arteries free of all the cheese and egg nog that is probably still lingering. Yes, this particular recipe has some cheese, but I mean… feta is pretty mild as far as cheeses go… and you want to start 2020 on a healthy kick that … Read More

RECIPE – Miso & Tahini Chicken Rice Bowl

by Henry Gould – Nov 27th, 2019 I’ll be honest, sometimes I invent recipes and they don’t turn out well. Garlic and strawberry ice cream was one example. But this miso & tahini chicken stir fry rice bowl, this did not suck. Not at all. Miso adds amazing umami flavor, and tahini thickens everything very nicely. Also? It could be … Read More

Soup Soup Soup Soup

by Henry Gould – Nov 5th, 2019 Some people insist on only eating soup in the Fall / Winter. Personally, I will gut my way through an uncomfortably hot bowl of ramen in July, purely for the love of the game. Soup as a food is comforting, restorative, delicious, easy to make, easy to eat, and versatile. If you have … Read More

RECIPE – Ragu Bolognese

Recipe – Ragu Bolognese

by Henry Gould – Oct 25th, 2019 Ragu Bolognese, the slow cooked meat sauce typical of the city of Bologna, served often but not always with tagliatelle egg noodles, is well loved the world over. However, if you want to start a quick argument, try asking four Italian Nonna’s the “correct” way to make it. Questions like this are almost … Read More

RECIPE – Jalapeno Pesto

by Henry Gould – Oct 18th, 2019 You thought pesto was only with basil??? Thankfully not! Pesto is a word that could describe many things (“pesta” means to crush, as pesto was originally made by pounding in a mortar and pestle), but is usually some sort of herb mixed with oil, and perhaps nuts. Most people know the classic pesto … Read More

RECIPE – Jamaican Curry Beef w/ “Rice & Peas”

by Henry Gould – Oct 3rd, 2019 It’s October! That means it’s officially OK to start stewing, braising and slow cooking from now until ~ May 2020. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This recipe of Jamaican Curry Beef w/ “Rice & Peas” (rice and kidney beans) is exactly what you want when the weather starts to chill down. Best … Read More

RECIPE – Tuna Fried Rice

by Henry Gould – Sept 12th, 2019 This recipe might sound like something you made in college when there was quite literally 2 items left in the cupboard. But never fear! This is a delicious meal you can make week in, week out. Do you like healthy lunch / dinner ideas you can make in ~30 minutes? Do you like … Read More

RECIPE – Olive Tapenade

by Henry Gould –  August 27th, 2019 Olives are very polarizing. People either love ’em or hate ’em. Generally the countries bordering the Mediterranean love ’em, and since we know from previous posts (HERE) that those countries have some of the healthiest diets on earth, it’s probably a good idea to squeeze them into your weekly routine. Olive Tapenade is … Read More

Recipe Contest!

By Yard Athletics – Aug 15th, 2019 Attention all aspiring chefs! We’ve been getting great feedback on the recipes from the Yard Athletics blog, so figured we would throw a little contest to see who’s ready to put their money where their mouth is. Think you’ve got the chops to slice, dice and sautee’ something together that Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t … Read More