RECIPE – Eggplant “Baked Potatoes” with Spicy Tahini Sauce

By Henry Gould – July 18th, 2018 Hope everyone is beating the heat! We’ll complain when the rain starts, so best to soak up every last drop of the summer in Vancouver while it’s still here. Below is a wonderful recipe for summer, as you can do the eggplants on the BBQ, bring to the table on a big platter … Read More

Sport Performance Supplementation

Whether someone is training for a specific sport, race or physical endeavor of any kind, inevitably the subject of supplements will come up. However, not all supplements are created equal, and many things like anabolic steroids get falsely lumped in with the idea of “supplements” when scientifically speaking they are something completely different. A supplement is technically anything that “supplements” … Read More

RECIPE – Chickpea Flour Banana Pancakes from Ashley Hildebrand

Hope everyone had a great Canada Day! Nothing quite like a short week in the summer… We’ve got a great recipe today from guest poster and friend of Yard Athletics, Ashley Hildebrand. Not your standard bisquick pancakes; these substitute standard wheat flour for chickpea flour, making for a deeper flavor, more protein, and a gluten free alternative to the usual. … Read More

RECIPE – The Best Canada Day Burgers Ever

Happy (early) Canada Day! Hopefully everyone that follows the blog has been working hard in the gym, and is therefore deserving of a cheat day on July 1st. Burgers are a hot topic of debate. There is no “best burger” in the world, but there are definitely burgers people seem to prefer more than others. This recipe is  for an … Read More

RECIPE – Mexican Carnitas Tacos w/ Spicy Salsa Verde

Of all the recipes I cook on a regular basis, this is likely near the top for several reasons. Why? It’s cheap to prepare (pork shoulder is still – thankfully – inexpensive), very easy to cook, and can be done in a large batch for a party or portioned for the week. It’s also more about the cooking technique and … Read More


I think we can all agree, any type of workout done to your favorite music is going to be better than one done in complete silence. Unless you’re someone who gains energy from the quiet void, chances are you have an energetic playlist lined up to get you through the grind. Yard Athletics coach Jocelyn Erickson recently told me she … Read More


Happy Monday to all the #YardHard faithful… we’ve got a special edition of TRANSFORMATIONS today, featuring none other than Yard Athletics coach Sam Shaw. Sam took part in the “Yard vs. The People” challenge, hoping to gain as much weight as he could in one month to beat Ilan Cumberbirch’s loss. That’s right folks, some of us out there can afford to … Read More

RECIPE – Spiced Lentil Soup

This is hands down one of the easiest, cheapest and healthiest recipes you can make: spiced lentil soup. Lentils are incredibly good for you, full of protein, fibre and vitamins, and incredibly inexpensive to prepare. Make a large pot and the beginning of the week, then portion in tupperware containers for lunches, or freeze for a day when you don’t … Read More


Were back! Over the last few weeks we’ve been blown away by the number of amazing Transformations story submissions coming in, so please keep them coming. It’s a huge inspiration to the team at Yard Athletics when we see the hard work people have put in to make a positive change in their fitness, eating and lifestyle. Next up we … Read More


Welcome to our latest installment of Transformations! Spotlighting the many #YardHard athletes who participated in the Yard vs. The People challenge, or who otherwise wanted to share their personal fitness journeys. Although our next feature would prefer remain anonymous, that doesn’t mean his story is any less impressive. “Mr. ______” had wanted a program to help lean down, which Ilan … Read More