20 Questions with Jackson Friesen: #YardHard Faithful

Another day, another dollar, another installment of the most interesting questionnaire on the internet, courtesy of Yard Athletics!!

Today we dive right in with Jackson Friesen, longtime athlete of Yard Athletics as well as lifelong hockey player.

As you may have noticed, we switch up the specific 20 Questions each time so that no 2 posts are the same. This week we see if Jackson has a particular death row meal choice, gets down with craft beer, as well as what his least favorite exercise is at the Yard.


1. Hometown?

Tsawwassen BC.

2. Least favorite exercise at Yard Athletics?

Romanian Dead Lift’s because every time, I blow out my hammies.

3. Fashion trend that you can’t stand?


4. Guilty secret Instagram-follow?

Off Instagram so I don’t have one but if I had to choose it would be “Thrilly Dilly”.

5. Death row meal?

Hard to say. Need a little situational context but if it was my LAST MEAL I would have to say Linguini Vongole with Venus Clams from Croatia.

6. Craft beer: yay or nay?


7. Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I can cook.

8. Junk food that you will never stop eating?

Miss Vickie’s.

9. If you weren’t working your current job, what would you be doing?

I am a chameleon, I could do anything I put my mind to.

10. Talent you would most like to have?


11. Best / worst thing about Vancouver?

Best is the restaurant and food scene. Worst is the attitude of this town. We need to be more like the Vancouver of the 90’s when nobody gave a crap and just had a good time together. Now we care too much about nothing important.

12. Best smoothie at Body Energy Club?

Blueberry Thrill, no dates, w/ isolate, add banana.

13. Favorite patio in Vancouver?


14. Favorite drink to order on that patio?

A proper pint.

15. Stranded on a desert island, what 3 albums do you take?

This question is very tough. Let’s go with MJ’s “Thriller“, Greta Van Fleet “From the Fires”, and Anderson Paak “Malibu”.

16. Wreck Beach or Spanish Banks?

Wreck, always.

17. Secret to happiness?

Care less and be yourself.

18. Best thing about Yard Athletics?

Cumby is a close friend of mine so his team really is the motivation, but also seeing all my boys at the Yard. It’s like being back in the dressing room and it’s fun. We have a good thing going.

19. Top purchase you made this past year?

A Mercedes.

20. Which Yard Athletics trainer is the most cruel: Cumby, Joce or Shawzo?

Joce is for sure the most cruel, but Shawzo gave me a concussion once so I think he takes the belt.

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