20 Questions with Natalie Cumberbirch: #YardAthletics Family

Greetings! Today we have the special privilege of talking to none other than one of the esteemed Cumberbirch clan… sister to Yard Athletics Founder, Natalie Cumberbirch!
Natalie lives an incredibly jet-set lifestyle working as a pastry chef in Europe; find out below what she thinks of her big bro, whether Juul-ing is cool or lame, and whether white, red, or rose’ rules supreme.
1. Hometown?
Vancouver, B.C.
2. Current city you’re living in?
3. Best part of your job?
Having the freedom to create dishes that people actually enjoy; bringing friends and family together over a meal. And cake, everyone loves a good dessert.
4. Favorite Saturday breakfast spot?
White spot, shredded hash browns.
5. One thing you can’t live without?
6. The Weeknd or Justin Bieber?
The Weeknd
7. Clothing company you wish would sponsor you?
Does Zara sponsor? I’d go with Lululemon. Or Patagonia.
8. 8 hour flight: aisle or window?
Always window.
10. How does the fitness community in Paris compare to Vancouver?
Paris isn’t a cheap city, so unless you’re willing to pay 30€ for a 45 minute spin class, you’re shit outta luck! (Anyone with recommendations- send them over!) I went for the low budget warehouse gym; you basic cardio machines, squat racks and cable machines. It does the trick, but i’m definitely looking forward to some vancouver fitness community when im back!
11. Favorite ingredient to cook with?
12. Red or white wine?
Rose isn’t an option?! Would have to go with red, but in the summer on a sunny terrace i’m definitely having rose. Sounds so pretentious! But it’s the best.
13. Thing you love most about Yard Athletics?
The energy, the support, the people, the music. I always leave feeling like a badass; I sweat an outrageous amount, listen to the dirtiest rap music, and squat weight I never thought possible. Gets me jacked for the day!
14. What’s on your Christmas list?
The Matty Matheson cookbook and The Noma Guide To Fermentation.
15. Different career path you may have taken?
Nutritionist, or something in the health and fitness industry
16. Greatest fear?
17. What was Ilan like as a brother?
Ilan used to tell me I sucked at cooking because I never followed a recipe. He was probably right. He also bit his tongue every time he was about to punch me. Tough love. We always got along great, and still talk everyday. I’m a lucky girl to have such a supportive and encouraging brother to look up to.
18. Junk food you will never stop eating?
19. How many followers on Instagram, and how many people are you following?
810 followers; following 918
20. Juul-ing: cool new trend, or ultra lame?
Seeing as I had to google what that is, it’s obviously a cool new trend I know nothing about. E-cigarette? I’m gonna go with ultra lame.

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