20 Questions With Sam Shaw: Yard Athletics Trainer

Welcome back to 20 Questions, where we put a member of the Yard Athletics community on the spot to answer a bunch of our random, esoteric questions for the purposes of your amusement!

Today we are speaking to none other than Sam Shaw, the legend with the blonde locks who can push the weight of a man twice his size.

Did Sam grow up in BC, or was he hewn from a block of granite in the mountains of Bavaria? You’ll soon find out…

20 Questions with Sam Shaw

1. Hometown
White Rock, BC. Well South Surrey but ya know – same same

2. Favorite shake at Body Energy Club
Got to go with the Ménage A Trois. For a couple reasons

3. Favorite sport growing up
Weirdly enough it was soccer. Spent a lot of Saturday’s growing up waking up with my Dad at 5am and watching European games. Looking back I could have used the sleep

4. Favorite patio in Vancouver
Ive been a LOCAL Kits guy for about 6 years now. So I gotta go with the LOCAL in Kits

5. Favorite drink to have on that patio
Caesar. Single, Double, Triple…it’s all gravy

6. Rolling Stones or Beatles
A little out of my era but Mick Jagger had some seriously nice flow back in the day. Guy’s just a stud

7. Clothing company you wish would sponsor you
Does Birkenstock have clothing? If so I’d like to be sponsored by them just for the sandles

8. Hero; real or fictional
Tough to pick just one. Have had a lot of influential people in my life shape who I am today so I’ll just go fictional – Thor

9. Dream vacation
African Safari. Have always wondered what that experience would be like

10. Favorite restaurant, favorite dish
Nook. Gnocci. Enough said

11. Coffee or Tea
Coffee. Definitely Coffee. Big Coffee Guy. Coffee

12. Thing you love most about Yard Athletics

Being around such great people all day. Not just Ilan and Joc but clients as well. We are pretty lucky to be surrounded by such a good group of people

13. The one exercise all clients all seem to hate
Hands down – Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats

14. Different career path you may have taken
I was initially setting up for Law School in my undergrad to follow the family footsteps. So most likely that

15. Greatest fear
Not just a fear but a fact. That my legs will never be half the size of Cumby’s

16. Fastest time doing the Grouse Grind
39 minutes. Think I was about 18 though so doesn’t really count

17. Curls for the girls, or squat til you drop
I got pipe cleaners for arms so I’ll say squat till ya drop on this one

18. How many followers on Instagram, and how many people are you following
904 Followers: 706 Following. If you’re reading this follow me I need it

20. Fitness trend you can’t wait to see disappear
Anything Bosu Ball related – get those things outta here

20. Favorite workout, other than the Yard
Definitely AllCityAthletics.We’ve done a few client appreciation sessions down there and I’m all in. If I had more time I’d be there on the regular for sure.

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