20 Questions w/ Ilan Cumberbirch: Founder & Director of Yard Athletics

People! The much anticipated 20 Questions with Ilan Cumberbirch is upon us! Ever since we started the 20 Questions series, hundreds, thousands… perhaps even millions of people have been asking “When are we going to interview Ilan???”. That time, #YardHard faithful, is now.

All seeing, all knowing founder and director of Yard Athletics, Ilan Cumberbirch, is in the hot seat, answering searing questions such as Drake vs. Kanye, the worst things about living in Vancouver, and the fitness trends he wishes would hit the road.

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1. Hometown?
Vancouver BC
2. Favorite workout? (other than Yard Athletics…)
Any sort of speed/sprint training and plyometric work or UBC Alumni Hockey.
3. Clothing company you wish would sponsor you?
lululemon has me pretty much covered with everything I need for training, lifestyle and more. A shoe company would be a nice touch.
4. Drake or Kanye?
Both of them are a little flustered, however, they do make some catchy tunes. I’ll be the first to admit they are riddled throughout my training playlists. I’d have to go with Kanye’s earlier work 2004-2007.
5. Favorite restaurant, favorite dish?
Toughie! Vancouver has such an array of world class cuisine… I do love Nook in Kits; burrata and prosciutto, greens salad, rigatoni, mushroom pizza, enough Aperol Spritz and red wine to make you feel just a little bit fuzzy.
6. Favorite movie?
7. Favorite sport growing up?
Hockey, Rugby, Baseball. The latter were probably the most enjoyable. I found a second calling in rugby while at UBC towards the end of my sporting career which was highly enjoyable. It’s difficult to not enjoy hanging in a dugout with your buddies, chewing Spitz and Double Bubble until you have lock jaw, and trying to jack homers at the ball park.
8. Food you refuse to eat?
If you put it in-front of me, there’s an extremely high likelihood that I’ll eat it.
9. Preferred social media platform?
10. Talent you would most like to have?
Time travel or mind reading.
11. Best / worst thing about Vancouver?
2 months of summer/10 months of rain (October has been spectacular though). It seems to impact the general morale of the city as well. Come January-May people can become quite miserable.
12. Heaviest squat?
435lbs, looking to build that up with the help of Coach Jeremy Martin of Loaded Athletics.
13. Best thing about being a personal trainer?
I get to hang out in a gym, in sneakers and athletic wear, listen to music and converse about everything under the sun with amazing individuals all day and know that I am having a positive impact on their life, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. Its like therapy, for all parties involved.
14. Dream vacation?
I would love to rent a boat, be it a sailboat or a powerboat and cruise around the Mediterranean or Dalmatian Coast. Sun, heat, culture, ocean, food, they have it all.
15. Favorite patio?
If I’m looking for Shawzo it’s Local Kits. If I’m looking for Joce it’s The Wicklow. The Flying Beaver out at South Terminal is a sneaky patio. Realistically anywhere with cold drinks and good company.
16. Favorite drink to have on that patio?
Ice Cold “Silver Bullet” aka a bottle of Coor’s Light
17. Fitness trend you wish would go away?
20 minute HIIT workouts, severe caloric deficits, Bosu Balls, balance boards, general gimmicky BS. There is no overnight solution. You cannot reinvent the wheel. The foundations and general principles remain the same. Get extremely proficient at the fundamentals before you begin worrying about anything else.
18. Best thing about Yard Athletics?
The unbelievable team that we have out together, our amazing clientele that continue to support us as we try to grow and become better at our craft and the overwhelming amount of support from friends, family and the community.
19. Most regrettable purchase ever?
My new record player! Now I’m addicted to it; the process of going to the record store, digging for some new vinyl and putting it on back at home, my neighbors are going to hate me if they don’t already.
20. Food that is bad for you that you will never stop eating?
Ice Cream

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  1. Totally agree on the cruise, sailing around the Med. Go for a 50 foot cruising cat.
    Go for it. Lockdown can’t last for ever!

    Editors note: Hubert Cumberbirch was my great uncle

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