Fitness as an Investment: A Life Style Change Over Fads

Usually, when starting or restarting your fitness routine/journey, individuals will OVER-estimate what they want to achieve in 3-4 months and UNDER-estimate what they can achieve in a year. It is no fault to you; unfortunately, what gets marketed more are these six-week, three-month, eight-week challenges where individuals make drastic changes in their bodies with regards to appearance and strength. The … Read More

5 Ways to Optimize Recovery After Exercise

Sore muscles and under recovering sucks. Your workouts are modified, you scale back only to train movements that don’t cause you discomfort, you skip training sessions—it’s not the same as before. Seeing your physio every other week and using your new massage gun is a sure way to help you feel a little less beat up. However, when you’re as … Read More


Jeff Anderson

No better way to welcome our new coach Jeff than a classic Yard 20 questions. Jeff is a former competitive hockey, rugby, football, and basketball player. This sports fanatic has a passion for all things Strength & Conditioning.  Let’s get to know our new coach a little better!   1) Hometown? Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada 2) How did you first … Read More

20 Questions with Whitecaps FC Midfielder – Ryan Gauld

The best questionnaire on the web is back and better than ever, with a brand new set of 20 Questions to bounce off a special guest. Ryan Gauld, the Scottish midfielder for the Whitecaps FC has spent the past few months of his offseason training at The Yard. We’re fortunate enough to sit down with him and find out a … Read More

Exploring the Athlete Development Program

Yard Athlete Development is an elite training program catering to high-level athletes from various sporting backgrounds and experience levels. Specializing in strength training, power development, mobility, & energy system training, our coaching staff have over 30 years of combined experience working with amateur, professional, and international athletes. Our coaching staff consisting of, Ilan Cumberbirch, Sam Shaw, and Nick Tataryn, have … Read More


  To welcome Thea to the team, we sat down with her and asked her our classic 20 questions. Thea is a former competitive dancer, Olympic Weightlifter, and has a caffeine obsession. Let’s get to know our new coach a bit better. 1) Hometown?  Calgary! 2) How did you first hear about Yard? I heard about Yard from my years … Read More


  Yard Athletics has some high-level competitive athletes using our gym as a home base to train and hone their craft. We are very excited that Yard can supply a training facility for these competitive athletes. You may have seen them around the gym. Let’s get to know them with a classic Yard “20 Questions”.   First up is Paralympian, … Read More


Nick Tataryn

Our team has grown significantly over the past year and we are stoked to have Nick as one of our newest coaches. What better way to get to know him than a classic Yard 20 questions blog post! Let’s get to know our newest coach better! 1) Hometown? East Selkirk, Manitoba   2) How did you first hear about Yard? … Read More


We are back with a new ’20 questions” blog post. This time we are getting to know our athlete Caitlin a little bit better. Read to find out what her favourite exercises at Yard are, 2021 goals and more.   1) Hometown? Montreal   2) Favorite thing about Yard Athletics? There are too many things!! Incredible trainers, epic workouts, the … Read More

TRANSFORMATIONS – Jeremy | 12 Week Online Athlete Development Program

We love seeing our athletes’ transformations.  Jeremy has been doing our and his before & after photos really show his progress.   Here is what he had to say about our online training program: “I couldn’t be happier with the results I got from the 12-week athlete development program. Coming from a hockey background I wanted something similar to the … Read More