RECIPE – Greek Frittata (Regular & “Sous Vide Bite” Style)

by Henry Gould – July 9th, 2019 Credit where credit is due: those Starbucks sous vide egg bites are a welcome addition to the realm of “quick eats available most places”. Especially in airports where you don’t always want a $19 sandwich, the bites are high in protein, low in carbs, and still taste pretty good. And since you can’t … Read More

Got Your Team Signed Up Yet?? #YARDWORK2019

by Yard Athletics – July 4th, 2019 Less than 20 days until Yard Work 2.0 touches down at Thunderbird Stadium in UBC! The question is… do you have your team signed up yet? For those that didn’t get a chance to participate in Yard Work 1.0 in Stanley Park, here’s how it works: A fun-filled, action-packed, laughter-fueled day of outdoor … Read More

July Summer Shred Starts Today!

by Yard Athletics – July 1st, 2019 Summer shred is back for July! You already know the drill: For Drop-In sessions, you will get 20% off the 1:1 and 2:1 packages. 5 Pack purchase, 15% off 10 pack purchase, 10% off There’s still a strict 1 month expiry on all packages because we want to see you in the gym! … Read More

Summer Shred Is Back For July!

by Yard Athletics – June 30th, 2019 Back by popular demand! Summer shred is back for July, kicking off tomorrow July 1st – July 3rd. For Drop-In sessions, you will get 20% off the 1:1 and 2:1 packages. 5 Pack purchase, 15% off 10 pack purchase, 10% off There’s still a strict 1 month expiry on all packages because we … Read More


by Yard Athletics – June 26th, 2019 The time has come! Yard Athletics is pleased to officially go live with “Yard Work 2019” at UBC’s Thunderbird Stadium, Saturday July 20th. We are thrilled to once again partner with lululemon on this amazing day, with all proceeds going towards KidSport BC. Below are all the details you’ll need, including a link … Read More

Outdoor Summer Workouts: PART 2!

by Henry Gould – June 25th, 2019 The longest day of 2019 has officially come and gone, which means it is OFFICIALLY summer. But I’m sure you already knew that…! Around this time last year I put up a blog highlighting some great outdoor workouts for when you want to take advantage of the nice weather. Most of those were … Read More

The Myths Of Weightlifting: PART 5 w/ Sam Shaw

by Yard Athletics – June 21st, 2019 Bad news! We got word through the grapevine that more of those pesky weightlifting myths were piling up in our absence… unacceptable!! There’s nothing worse than bad information, especially when it comes to health and fitness. We at Yard Athletics are very confident in the formula we use (fundamental movement patterns, done correctly … Read More

RECIPE – Homemade Fermented Hot Sauce

by Henry Gould – June 19th, 2019 Don’t be scared! Fermenting is easy. Lots of people make kombucha at home, and it’s really no big deal. After all, people have been fermenting for hundreds of year. Ever made bread at home with yeast? You’ve fermented. Feel free to experiment with adding different spices and vinegars or other flavourings. Hot sauce … Read More

Introducing Henry Gould’s Patreon for Spotify…

By Henry Gould – June  Hello #YardHard friends! It’s me, Henry Gould, the man behind the blog. I wanted to share a recent project I’ve been working on through a platform called Patreon, where I curate custom Spotify playlists for people’s everyday use. Since the majority of the Yard Athletics community loves music (who doesn’t?) I figured this would be something … Read More

Yard Athletics Client Appreciation BBQ this Saturday!!!!!!

By Yard Athletics – June 12th, 2019 Reminder, this Saturday at Granville Park (14th and Fir St, Vancouver) is the Yard Athletics Client Appreciation BBQ! Kicking off 12pm – 4pm, we’ll be lounging in the sun all day followed by the 7:05pm Vancouver Canadians game at Nat Bailey Stadium. If you’re buying tickets to the game you can bring cash … Read More