Up Your Cooking Game w/ Natalie Cumberbirch

By Natalie Cumberbirch – Jan 16th, 2019 New year, new you. New goals, resolutions, ambitions, intentions. Drink more water, eat more greens, try new recipes. They’re all great. I’ve set the goal of writing food posts – one per month, maybe you’ll get two. Now I’ve said it, it’s out there; no backing down now! As I made my dinner … Read More

Beating The Winter Blues by Dr. Debbie Samsom

By Dr. Debbie Samsom – Jan 14th, 2019 So, winter is definitely upon us. Holiday festivities are over, days are short, and the rain seems endless. This is the time of year when many of us can feel blue, down in the dumps, or outright depressed. Good thing there are ways to prevent this, so we can cruise into spring … Read More

20 Questions w/ Keiko Voss: #YardHard Faithful

By Yard Athletics – Jan 11th, 2019 Look alive people! The best questionnaire on the web is back and better than ever, with a brand new set of 20 Questions to bounce off one of our devoted regulars. This week we get to know Keiko Voss, friend of Yard Athletics who has been training with us since summer 2018 and … Read More

RECIPE – Chicken “Miso Soup” w/ Gluten-Free Soba Noodles

By Henry Gould – Jan 8th, 2019 Warning to all food purists and authenticity snobs: this recipe is likely to cause immense grief and frustration! It’s not quite traditional soba, not really miso soup, and definitely not what might charitably be called “ramen”. But is it delicious, inexpensive to prepare, and incredibly healthy??? Yes. Yes it is. Although this preparation … Read More

Sober January? Start 2019 With These Booze-Free Ideas

By Henry Gould – Jan 4th, 2019 It’s the same old story every January; new year, new me. Lots of people tell themselves they’re going to get back in the gym, eat right, drink less, and overall make “healthy” decisions to start the year. They always start with good intentions, and nearly all inevitably fail. It doesn’t have to be … Read More

Life of Blondette X Yard Athletics – Instagram Giveaway!

By Yard Athletics – Jan 2nd, 2018 Happy New Year #YardHard faithful! Hope everyone is feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to hit 2019 with a bang. To kick off the year, Yard Athletics is teaming up with Ashley & Kirsten from Life of Blondette for a special Instagram giveaway. The rules are very simple: Hop on Instagram, and follow both … Read More

NYE Cocktails & Appetizer Ideas

By Henry Gould – December 31st, 2018 Well, well, well… almost time to wave “Bye Felicia” to 2018 and begrudgingly open the door to 2019! New Years Eve in high school used to be the BIGGEST deal (“Who’s having a party? Are my friends allowed to come? Can we walk from Creekside to Whistler Village on the highway???”) but as … Read More


Merry Christmas from everyone at Yard Athletics!!! We wanted to pass along a few words from each of the team, just as a token of our appreciation for all the support throughout the year. Can’t wait for 2019!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ILAN CUMBERBIRCH “Happy Holidays to you all! Wishing you a relaxing break with friends, family and loved … Read More