20 Questions with Sydnie Hyde: Yard Athletics Tech Guru

Welcome back to 20 Questions! You know the drill: we pick someone in the Yard Athletics community, stick them with 20 random, non-linear questions, and by the end, hopefully get to know that person a little bit better…

Today we talk with Sydnie Hyde, the all-seeing, all-knowing operations manager for the behind the scenes work at Yard Athletics. Scheduling, sales, reporting, client matters – Sydnie has the Yard covered, especially on the MindBody app, helping Yard Athletics run smoothly and efficiently.

Now, we turn things over to Sydnie and figure out whether it’s Cardi B or Nicki Minaj, Instagram or Facebook, even whether Avocado toast is here to stay or on the way out.


1. Hometown?
Stratford, Ontario
2. Favorite workout? (other than Yard Athletics…)
Lagree West! Shakes for days. Or All City Athletics, that place will kill you in the best way.
3. Clothing company you wish would sponsor you?
Just one? Can’t choose, Aritzia or lululemon.
4. Cardi B or Nicki Minaj?
Cardi B but to be honest I can bust out a rap from either of them (embarrassing?)
5. Favorite restaurant, favorite dish?
Nearly impossible but I would have to say Joe Fortes, the Miso Sablefish is mouth watering.
6. Best show on Netflix?
Scandal or Friends
7. Favorite sport growing up?
Hm, I grew up playing hockey and golf but my brother and I also drag raced (he still does), since we were 12 so it’s hard to pick a favourite.
8. Food you refuse to eat?
Cilantro and pickles.
9. Preferred social media platform?
Insta, obv!
10. Talent you would most like to have?
Not sure if it would be a talent or a super power but to read minds.
11. Best / worst thing about Vancouver?
Best Things – the food, mountains and ocean
Worst Thing – terrible drivers
12. Fastest time up the Grouse Grind?
That depends how fast the gondola goes up.. I’m good, thanks.
13. Hero; real or fictional?
Real, tough to name just one.
14. Dream vacation?
Zurich, Switzerland or the Maldives
15. Favorite patio?
Most frequently visited, Local Kits.
Favourite, Lift in Coal Harbour.
16. Favorite drink to have on that patio?
Tequila, soda, splash of grapefruit.. or red wine.. or an Aperol Spritz.
17. Avocado toast: here to stay, or overrated and overpriced?
May be overpriced but not overrated, it’s here to stay.
18. Best thing about Yard Athletics?
THE PEOPLE! Everyone at the Yard from coaches to clients are amazing. You’ll never leave without a good ass kicking and a smile on your face.
19. Most regrettable purchase ever?
$200 tempur-pedic pillow that I don’t even use nor like.
20. Food that is bad for you that you will never stop eating?
Chocolate… and red wine but I think studies have shown those are good for you now so…


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