You Ready For The “Fathom”?

You Ready for the Fathom?
by Yard Athletics – Oct 29th, 2019

There’s a new trend sweeping through Yard Athletics that has started turning a lot of heads, causing many to take notice. We’ve started calling it the “Fathom“, and we want to tell you more about it, because it’s… well… #YARDHARD

Now, a fathom is a nautical term for a unit of measurement, roughly translating to 6 feet. Why 6 feet? Well, when sailors were pulling line into a boat, an easy unit of measurement for how much line they had pulled up was the amount equal to the sailors outstretched hands holding the line. Since your outstretched arms are on average, about the same as your height, it’s fair to say for each arms length of line pulled up, that was 6 feet. And 6 feet also equals… 2 yards…

To bring it all together, we also need to talk about our Saturday classes, 10:00am and 11:00am, which have been getting an amazing turnout. Each one is different, but since we debuted the new “Junk Yard” class on Saturdays (advanced level strength class), there has been a certain crew who has been doing what we’ve now dubbed the “Fathom”, AKA, 2 Yards, or back to back Yard classes.

That means these hardy few are doing an entire 60 minutes workout at 10:00am, taking a gulp of water, and then hitting the 11:00am! This past weekend Ilan even joined in the fun, and although it takes a lot to get the big man tired, he reported it was no easy task.

So… you game to do a Fathom? If so, get in touch and let us know so we can lock it in.

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