Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Road Back To Fitness

By Henry Gould – Dec 21st, 2018

He’s gone by many nicknames over the years (The Terminator, The Oak, The Governator) but there’s no denying Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most well known people on earth. From a young bodybuilder in the 70’s who totally up-ended the scene (7 Mr. Olympia Titles), he then stormed his way to becoming one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, followed by being elected Governor of California. Fairly impressive for anyone, let alone an immigrant from rural Austria.

Despite retiring from bodybuilding, Arnold has continued to be heavily involved in the health and wellness scene, promoting fitness and nutrition education around the US. Recently he underwent open-heart surgery, and had to fight his way back to health through a long and arduous process.

Arnold penned an article for CNN a few weeks ago which is a great read, echoing a lot of the things that Ilan, Joce and Sam preach at Yard Athletics:

  • There are no shortcuts or quick fixes
  • There are no 10 minute abs
  • There is no magic tea, pill, or superfood that will get you the body you want
  • The ONLY answer is hard work

Every day we get flooded with images of Hollywood stars and Instagram models showing off bodies we think are unobtainable. Of course, that’s BS. First of all, we don’t see the daily sacrifices these people make to get these bodies, only the end result in a highly curated picture or movie. In reality, huge amounts of diet, exercise, and most of all resources (i.e. MONEY) are on tap for a big star to focus all their time and energy on fitness. Not so easy with a 9-5 job, kids, rent payments, and the lure of that weekend mimosa brunch.

Take Arnold’s advice! There is no flip of the switch to better fitness. It’s small steps, taken every day that help push us towards our fitness goals. Best of all, Yard Athletics is with you every step of that journey.

Now we’re just waiting for Arnold to return our calls on his “free 1:1 session” at the Yard….

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