20 Questions w/ Luke Williams: Yard Athletics Coach

Luke Williams
by Yard Athletics – April 9th, 2020

The 20 Questions series doesn’t take a back seat for anything! Pandemic or not, we are rip roaring ahead with our latest installment of our world-renowned*** interview series that shines the light on our amazing Yard Athletics community.

It’s been a little overdue, but we are finally able to introduce Yard Athletics Coach Luke Williams to the 20 Questions gauntlet!

Luke joined us a few months ago, and instantly became a welcome addition to the team. His background playing football, combined with a strong personal training bedrock has made him an instant asset to the #YARDHARD coaching squad.

But, like we always do with our 20 Questions subjects, we want to go deeper… past the standard pleasantries and into the meat and potatoes of our subject. What makes Luke tick? Where does he unwind after a long day, what’s his favorite drink, and the ultimate question: Spanish Banks or Wreck Beach.


1. Hometown?

Port Moody, British Columbia.

2. Favorite thing about Yard Athletics?

Inclusive community atmosphere with a unique gritty vibe. Nothing else like it.

3. Fashion trend that you can’t stand?

Jeans with flip flops.

4. Guilty secret Instagram-follow?

@ilancumberbirch 🤩

5. Death row meal?

Pizza and a charcuterie board. Ice cream for dessert.

6. Craft beer: yay or nay?

Nay. More of a mixed drink type of guy.

7. Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I’ve never watched any Harry Potter movies.

8. Junk food that you will never stop eating?

Miss Vickies Jalapeño chips. Say less.

9. If you weren’t working your current job, what would you be doing?

Something hands on. Maybe a carpenter or an astronaut.

10. Talent you would most like to have?

The ability to speak multiple languages.

11. Best / worst thing about Vancouver?

Best thing about Vancouver are the beautiful mountains, oceans, and lakes. Worst thing about Vancouver is the cost of living.

12. Best smoothie at Body Energy Club?

PB&J. Add spinach.

13. Favorite patio?

JOEY Shipyards.

14. Favorite drink to order on that patio?

Gin and soda with lime.

15. Stranded on a desert island, what 3 albums do you take?

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

-Kanye West

What A Time To Be Alive

-Drake & Future

House of Balloons

-The Weeknd

16. Wreck Beach or Spanish Banks?

Spanish Banks.

17. Secret to happiness?

Surround yourself with positive people and lift heavy weights.

18. What exercise does everyone hate at Yard Athletics?

Assault bike.

19. Top purchase you made this past year?

2020 Honda Civic.

20. What are you most excited about for the rest of 2020?

Getting out of quarantine, back into a normal routine, and starting a new chapter in Yard’s new space!

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