Yard Community Spotlight – Christina Pham

by Yard Athletics – August 19th, 2020

At Yard Athletics, we are always striving to get to know our community better. Whether it’s in the gym or through our LEGENDARY 20 Questions series (Vogue’s “73 Questions”?? That’s too many questions! Who has time to read all those questions?? Buh-bye Vogue!) we don’t want the people who come through our doors to be strangers. In fact, we feel that the better we know you, the better the workout and the more success you’ll have on your health and fitness journey.

Today we want to shine the community spotlight on recent #YardHard devotee, Christina Pham. Christina is a relative newcomer to the gym, learning about Yard Athletics not from word of mouth or social media, but from something called “Google”. A quick search for “Group Fitness” lead her to our doors, and we have to say we’re happy it did! Thank you Google SEO…

We’re very proud of all the hard work Christina has put in, and wanted to learn a bit more about her journey in the gym, what she’s learned and what advice she would have for someone who has never come to a Yard training session.

How did you first get started with Yard Athletics? 
I was googling group fitness and gyms near me when Yard came up in my search. I read the class descriptions and majority of the classes required some sort of lifting experience. I knew then that my pandemic physique of banana bread and Netflix could never do it. So I did the next logical thing and met with Ilan to try out 3 initial 1:1 personal strength and conditioning sessions to see exactly how far behind I was.
What were your overall fitness goals when you first started? 
I actually didn’t have one. I just wanted to feel healthy and good again. All I knew was that I had to invest in myself and hope that I could train in an environment where I can have fun and be challenged at the same time. I’m just focusing on the healthiest version of me.
Tell us about your experience doing the Yard 1:1 Customized Strength & Conditioning program?
The first few sessions were very educational and challenging at the same time. The workouts starts very basic and simple, with your coach forcing you to pay attention to everything from your posture, to stabilizing your core, to making sure you’re sitting low in your squats. It was all about the foundations in the beginning. There was no point in pushing to squat heavier weights when I couldn’t even properly squat my own body weight.
Eventually, exercises that were challenging 2 weeks prior became easier and new exercises were introduced to push me again.
The coaches were also really awesome and it was like having personal cheerleaders. They work with your pace and really prioritize your comfort.
You’ve also been utilizing our Online Training Series (Dumbbell & Bodyweight Program). What has that been like?
I didn’t start the Online Training until after about 6 sessions of 1:1 because I didn’t want to do the exercises incorrectly, or develop poor habits and injure myself. I took all the corrections, education and foundation work that I learned in the 1:1 sessions and used that to help push me through the workouts.
The 1:1 was like being in school during class time where you get to learn under a teacher and then the group fitness and the Online Training Series is the test.
What advice would you give to someone who’s never been to Yard Athletics before? 
Be patient and invest in yourself. Try the group classes, and if you find that challenging don’t give up on yourself. Everyone has a different starting point and even 3 sessions of personal 1:1 training can provide a lot of valuable knowledge that will help you in and outside of Yard. The coaches want you to do well in the group classes, so if you need help reach out to them and see how they can get you there.

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