Yard Athlete Development Spotlight: Lainey Joyce

by Yard Athletics – Oct 28th, 2020

For the next installment of our Yard Athlete Development Spotlight, we are pleased to be speaking with Lainey Joyce, an up and coming hockey player from Delta, BC. Lainey first started training this summer at Yard Athletics and made amazing progress from June until September.

Where did you grow up playing hockey? 
I grew up playing hockey for the Vancouver Thunderbirds with the boys.
When did you realize you wanted to pursue hockey seriously?
I was probably about 10 years old when I realized that I wanted to pursue hockey seriously.
How did you first start training with Yard Athletics? 
This was my first summer at Yard and it was an unreal experience so I will definitely be back next year.
What sort of impact has training with Yard had on your growth as a player?
Yard improved my fitness and strength a ton which set me up to go into the season strong, now I feel much faster and stronger on the ice.
The heaviest squat or deadlift doesn’t mean you’re the best on the ice. How does Yard’s training balance strength with power, agility and fitness?
I found that Yard’s training focused lots on explosiveness in our strength, agility and fitness training which is super important in hockey and helped me on the ice. Training with the older boys was very inspiring because they work so hard in the gym and they could give me great advice about college hockey.
Proudest moment of your hockey career? Worst?
Proudest moment of my hockey career would definitely have to be when my team won the CSSHL playoff championship 2 years ago. That was the first championship I have ever won in hockey and it was such an amazing experience to be there with the team. The worst highlight of my hockey career would be getting cut from the Female Prep team this spring. I was devastated and felt that I deserved to be on that team, I doubted my skills and questioned if I was going to be good enough to continue with my career. I continued with the Academy because my love for hockey is so strong and all of my friends were supporting and encouraging me to come back.
Who’s got the best chirps on the ice?
For the chirps, if this question is asking who had the best chirps out of the group, it would have to be Liam because he was always chirping everyone.
What’s next for you in hockey?
Right now in hockey, I’m playing at Delta and looking to get a scholarship to play NCAA Division 1 Hockey or U Sports Hockey, that’s the dream.

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