“The Rock’s” Stunt Double Diet; Olive Oil Love; Grilled Chorizo Sandwich

by Henry Gould – Aug 20th, 2019

Summer is coming to a close. You hate to see it! I saw an otherwise green-leafed tree with a few hints of yellow today. It kinda bummed me out, but then I remembered Fall is the 2nd best season (won’t be reading replies to this) so it cheered me up a little.

The Yard Athletics Recipe Contest is in full swing! All you need to do is pick a recipe from this blog (available here https://yardathletics.ca/category/recipes/), cook it at home, document it on Instagram tagging @yardathletics_, @ilancumberbirch, @shawzo03 and @richardhenrygould for a chance to win a FREE 1:1 training session ($105 value).

Some interesting health news from around the web:

“The Real-Life Diet of The Rock’s Longtime Stunt Double, Tanoai Reed”

Everyone knows Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, seemingly untouchable star of Hollywood, WWE and beyond. But you can’t risk damaging the money maker in every stunt-fueled film, so that’s where Tanoai Reed comes in.

Turns out staying in ridiculous shape is not easy!

“Primal Guide to Olive Oil: Why and When to Use It”

Mark Sisson is an interesting health industry guru I’ve mentioned on this blog before. Recently he did a comprehensive breakdown on the benefits of eating olive oil, something I felt worthy of sharing.

Long story short; it’s the fat you should be cooking with on a regular basis. It’s more or less bulletproof; pound for pound the best lipid for your overall health.

“Grilled Chorizo Sandwiches with Chimichurri (Choripan)”

I was more or less powerless to skip over this recipe. My eyes locked on chorizo + chimichurri and it was all over. Combined in a bun??? PERFECTION.

Summer is coming to a close, so on your next BBQ skip the basic hot dogs and burgers and go for this instead.

Don’t want the buns? Wrap in lettuce, or service with a coleslaw dressed in the chimichurri dressing.

You can get great chorizo most places, particularly Oyama in Granville Island.

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