Taking Orders! Jensen Lee Custom Duffel Bags

by Yard Athletics – Oct 10th, 2019

We’re guessing if you’re a regular in the Yard Athletics gym, you might have seen these beauty duffel bags being sported. You saw the custom name plate, the sturdy canvas build quality, the YARD bull logo. You might have thought to yourself, “I want one of those” but figured you had missed the boat on ordering.

Well, well, well, do we have news for you! The Yard team is putting in another order for these amazing Jensen Lee custom duffel bags, but the catch is we need a minimum order to make sure they get here.

That’s where you come in! Drop us a line at “[email protected]” and let us know you’re in. $80 and you get an amazing duffel bag, tough enough to go through a chipper shredder* (*please do not attempt to put your Jensen Lee duffel bag in a chipper shredder, it may ruin the chipper shredder) custom embroidered with whatever name you want.

Christmas is coming up… what better way to surprise your sweetie than with a custom duffel? Fill it with a new Ciele Yard Hat and Glute Band, and give the gift they can use again and again all year!

Just don’t tell that person they need to tighten up their glutes… that might end badly…



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