Sticker Contest Winner + Top 13 Nutrition Lies

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by Yard Athletics – Aug 29th, 2019

Another week, another contest in the books! Two weeks ago was the Yard Athletics Recipe Contest; this past week was the “Sticker Contest”.

We asked everyone to grab a sticker from the gym, stick it somewhere interesting and document the whole thing. The goal? Winning another 1:1 training session in the gym.

Suffice to say we had a lot of great entries (well over a dozen), however, one stood head and shoulders above the rest, both in its originality, production value, and to be completely honest… hilarity.

Ladies and gentlemen, the award for this week sticker contest goes to none other than….. *****drum roll*****

@raffaeldoesntknow !!!!

Raffael, shoutout to putting together such a great post. We’ll see you in the gym for a 1:1 real soon.

We were also sent a very interesting article this week courtesy of Yard Athletics resident psychologist, Dr. Debbie Samsom. If you recall, Debbie put together a great article on beating the winter blues from early in the year (available here).

Debbie is also training for a marathon later this month, and passed along this piece titled “Top 13 Nutrition Lies That Made The World Sick And Fat”.

We’ve talked on the blog before about how a lot of past health fads have been debunked by modern health and nutrition science. In the 80’s and 90’s, fat was deemed the ultimate health risk, and since then it’s been an uphill battle to shake the perception. In reality, eating fat is probably not going to make you fat. Sugar on the other hand…

Some of the other nutrition “lies” from the article include:

  • “Eggs are bad for your health”
  • “A calorie is a calorie”
  • “Coffee is bad for you”
  • “Everyone should be cutting back on sodium”

It’s worth prefacing this by saying anything in excess can be bad for you, including water, oxygen or kale. Just because something has potential health benefits, doesn’t always mean that eating lots of it all the time makes you even healthier.

If you’re Michael Phelps training for the Olympics, you might be consuming 8,000+ calories a day that includes lots of carbohydrates. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, eating that much is going to cause weight gain reeeeeeeeal quick.

Do your research, listen to experts, and stay active.


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