Were back! Over the last few weeks we’ve been blown away by the number of amazing Transformations story submissions coming in, so please keep them coming. It’s a huge inspiration to the team at Yard Athletics when we see the hard work people have put in to make a positive change in their fitness, eating and lifestyle. Next up we … Read More

Working out on an empty stomach: good or bad?

The Yard Athletics - Sam Shaw

By Henry Gould – May 29, 2018 Despite the huge advances in research surrounding health, nutrition and fitness, I can’t think of another industry that is still so plagued by junk pseudoscience. The dietary supplement industry in North America alone was estimated at $37+ billion in 2016, and since their sole objective is to sell you as many products as … Read More


Welcome to our latest installment of Transformations! Spotlighting the many #YardHard athletes who participated in the Yard vs. The People challenge, or who otherwise wanted to share their personal fitness journeys. Although our next feature would prefer remain anonymous, that doesn’t mean his story is any less impressive. “Mr. ______” had wanted a program to help lean down, which Ilan … Read More

RECIPE – Braised Chicken Thighs with leeks, bacon and white wine

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! As we get into the week and reality sets in (…wine at 1pm isn’t appropriate on a Tuesday?!?!?!) it’s always nice to plan some meals for a few days so that the tempting piece of pizza or donut doesn’t pull you off track. This recipe of Braised Chicken Thighs with Leeks, Bacon and … Read More

Transformations – Will Kinash

Welcome to another installment of our TRANSFORMATIONS series! This week we hear the inspiring (and hilarious) account of Will Kinash’s personal fitness journey. The self-professed “Mayor of Kerrisdale” takes us through his last 3 months at Yard Athletics, and the gains he’s made in strength, endurance and overall body composition. We love stories like these, so send them in as … Read More

Gut Bacteria, Probiotics, and the Future of Health

Arguably one of the most fascinating frontiers in modern health science is the study of gut “flora”, bacteria, probiotics, and the profound effect they have on our body as a whole. For example, much of the leading research on autism is pointing towards poor microbial activity as an accelerator, or even cause of the condition. There is even compelling research … Read More


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TRANSFORMATIONS – Ilan Cumberbirch

Hi Everyone, As some of you may or may not know, Yard Athletics recently performed a body transformation challenge. Sam Shaw and I challenged our clients to see how much weight they could lose or gain (depending on their goals). Sam and myself had 1 month to complete the challenge, our clients had 2. So here you have it, my … Read More

RECIPE – Bone Broth

  Despite the power of the food trend juggernaut (Poke bowls? Kale Caesar? Turmeric in everything?), “bone broth” is nothing new. Since humans started using water as a medium to cook with, meat, bones and vegetables have been boiled together to extract more nutrients and make the digestion of food easier. Bone broth can be as simple as simmering a … Read More

Hotel Gyms: Maximizing Your Time On The Road

When traveling for work or pleasure, it can be hard to motivate yourself to workout, particularly if there’s an early morning conference or a beach less than 100ft away. Luckily most hotels are now equipped with at least some form of exercise room, and many are even making it a selling feature of their properties, such as EVEN Hotels. The … Read More