9 Post-Workout Snacks; Eat Your Fiber x10; Short Sleep = Dehydrated

by Henry Gould – Feb 12th, 2020

Sometimes on the Yard Athletics blog we like to do deep dives, pulling back the layers on a particular topic and uncovering the truths, half-truths and all out falsehoods.

Other times we’re dialing in tried and tested recipes that are healthy, easy to make, and taste way, way, wayyyyyy better then whatever comes out of that meal kit sitting on your porch.

But sometimes you just want a quick read! A few health & wellness articles before bed, carefully plucked from the deepest depths of the internet, just for you.

GQ: “What To Eat After A Workout: 9 Post-Workout Food & Drinks”
  • Some you’ll expect (Chocolate Milk, Whey Protein) and some you won’t (Cherry Juice, Avocados)
  • Long story short: post-workout fuel is crucial

Elle: “Hollywood’s Favorite Health Experts Want You To Eat More Fiber”
  • Now, we’re not trying to gloat… but this blog has been touting the benefits of fiber for months.. Just sayin…
  • Fiber is essential to a healthy diet for a multitude of reasons (digestion, cholesterol, blood sugar, gut health)
  • Essential sources of fiber include cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli), legumes (chickpeas, beans), nuts

Harvard Health: “Shorter Sleep May Cause Dehydration”
  • In addition to fiber, we’ve also been big on the benefits of sleep. Bragging about how little sleep you get in not only uncool, it’s very unhealthy.
  • Turns out in addition to all the negative health benefits of little sleep, there’s also the added downside of dehydration, which will inevitably lead to muscle fatigue, lowered performance, and overall general malaise.
  • Drink up!


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