20 Questions w/ Phil Kwong

by Yard Athletics – Sept 26th, 2019

You know it, you love it, you neeeeeeed it. Of course we are talking about the amazing Yard Athletics 20 Questions series, which is back for another week!

Today we focus the microscope on longtime friend of the gym, Phil Kwong, who has been pushing tin over the last year with the whole Yard crew.

As always, we want to pull back the layers and see what makes our clients tick, so take a read below to see if Phil prefers Drake to The Weeknd, his soreness levels after Yardwork 2.0, and some interesting fact we didn’t know…


1. Hometown?

Born and raised in New West.

2. How long have you been coming to Yard Athletics? 

Just over a year.

3. Favorite restaurant, favorite dish?

That is a tough call. Right now, I really like Bovine and order the xl steak bowl with half rice, half salad and no egg.

4. Dream vacation? 

I’ve always wanted to travel the Nordic countries. A 2-month vacation traveling through Sweeden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland would be awesome. Or a month in the Maldives would also be great.

5. Ilan vs. Shawzo vs. Torin: who wins a 100m dash?

I’ve got $5 on Torin. When is the race going to happen??

6. What keeps you busy Monday – Friday? 

Typical Monday – Friday:

Every morning,

  • Read the news, usually – Fiminize, MJ Biz Daily and BBC
  • Check the market.
  • Take the dog out.
  • Yard three times a week, and boxing at Griffins two times a week. If I don’t make it to the Yard, I work out in my apartment gym.

The rest of the day varies depending on what work needs to be done for clients. But if I am not in the office, I am usually in and out of meetings or working on new strategies for the company.

I try to stop work at 6pm and spend time with my dog, fiancee and family but it doesn’t always work out.

7. Soreness levels (1-10) after YARDWORK 2.0 @ Thunderbird Stadium?

That Theragun works wonders. I’d say about a 6. (*Theragun’s available in the Yard… get in touch with us!)

8. Tell us something we don’t know. 

Random: The corner stores in Tokyo have amazing peanut butter sandwiches.

About myself: I had long hair, wore tight pants, played guitar and was the lead singer of a band.

9. Company you wish would sponsor you?

I can’t pick just one – ASRV, lululemon or Axe & Sledge.

10. Guilty follow on Instagram?

I don’t know if it’s a guilty follow… but Ryan Reynolds and his Aviation Gin promos are hilarious.

11. Words to live by?

There are no short cuts.

12. Hardest workout @ Yard?

Haven’t worked with Torin yet, but both Ilan and Shawzo get pretty creative coming up with new workouts. Ilan’s heavyweight drop set complexes are something else.

13. Best patio?

Carderos. It overlooks the Coal Harbour marina, Stanley Park and the mountains.

14. Best drink to have on that patio?

I drink Barolo or manhattans.

15. Most annoying habit?

Being late.

16. Drake or The Weeknd?

The Weekend.

17. Yard Athletics merch you want to see on the shelf?

Yard slides, for sure.

18. Toughest thing you’ve ever done?

I founded my first company when I was 23, and I’ve worked for myself ever since. It has been one of the most mentally and emotionally challenging things I’ve ever done.

19. Most regrettable purchase?

I don’t think I regret purchasing anything. I just learn to get more responsible with spending as I get older.

20. Junk food you’ll never stop eating?

Ice cream. Everything in moderation is okay.

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