20 Questions w/ John Kapp

by Yard Athletics – Oct 10th, 2019

The best questionnaire on the world wide web is back! Sure, you could watch Vogue’s “73 Questions” series with all these famous “celebrities”, but honestly, who has time to hear 73 questions get answered? Why is Bella Hadid grooming a horse? Can’t she do that after??

No no no… Yard’s is where it’s at, and this week we have a very special guest by the name of John Kapp. John is what we would call #YARDHARD faithful, having been a mainstay at the gym since before we can remember. Not only does “Kappy” move weight around like a Budweiser Clydesdale, he has the rare distinction of being a 2 x YARDWORK participant, as well as being an all around great guy.

Time to learn where Kappy first heard about Yard Athletics, what the worst exercise in the gym is, and who he thinks would be easy pickings to beat on the Ground Grind.

1. Hometown?
2. How did you first get started at Yard Athletics?
Saw Yard’s number on a washroom stall – “For a good time…”- the rest is history!
3. Proudest accomplishment?
Finally learned the words to our National Anthem!
4. Favorite restaurant, favorite dish?
Used to be Fresgos on Davie; mushroom cheeseburger! Still there?
5. Company you wish would sponsor you?
6. Guilty pleasure?
Ice cream.
7. Hardest exercise at Yard?
Rear elevated split squat.
8. Favorite movie; worst movie?
Babette’s Feast; The English Patient.
9. Most annoying thing about Vancouver?
Ou est Uber?
10. Fastest time up the Grouse Grind?
I don’t get caught up in the bragging, competitive stuff. Not productive… BUT way faster than Willys’@thekerridalekid time!
11. Best post-workout snack?
Hot dog on the corner.
12. Yard Athletics clothing you’d like to see?
13. What was harder; YARDWORK 1.0 in Stanley Park, or YARDWORK 2.0 at Thunderbird Stadium?
2.0 because Jeremy Martin was a hard ass and pushed our team past our limits!
14. Favorite dive bar? 
Was Boot Pub @ Whistler in the day! Boot Ballet!!
15. Tell us something we don’t know about you.
I have a “useful” degree in Slavic studies.  Fun at parties- Dostoyevsky anyone?
16. Dream vacation?
Heli-skiing in the Bugaboos. A”Yard” of dry with blue bird skies!
17. Best advice you’ve ever been given?
Look the other way when crossing a street in England!
18. Pet peeve in the gym?
Replace your weights!!!
19. Plans for 2020?
Load my dog and guitar in my F-150 and drive to Nashville… Maybe just Stagecoach.
20. Dream dinner party guest list (dead or alive)?
Robert De Niro ( “Cape Fear” body) and that Donald guy who lives in DC.

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