20 Questions w/ Delaney Macneil

by Yard Athletics – Sept 2nd, 2020

It’s officially September :(… but it still feels like summer! The sun is shining and the forecast for the next week is sun, sun, sun, which makes the transition to Fall a little easier.

It’s also time for the next edition of 20 Questions. You know, you love it, you gasp in excitement each time the email notification comes through.

Today we are pleased to get to know Delaney Macneil, someone who has been a fixture at Yard Athletics for well over a year and has made amazing strides on her strength and fitness during her time training with Ilan, Sam, Luke and Torin.

We always want to get to know our community, and what better way of doing that than asking 20 slightly annoying and intrusive questions? Today we get to find out which 3 movies Delaney is bringing on a desert island, the secret to happiness, and whether Whistler or Blackcomb is better.


  1. Hometown?

I was born in Montreal but lived my entire childhood (ages 2-18) in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

  1. How did you first get involved with Yard Athletics?

I had stopped playing rugby and needed to get my fitness back on track. I chose to do one on one training at Yard, haven’t looked back since.

  1. Best burger in Vancouver?

Out at DownLow Chicken Shack they do burgers every Monday, the Americana is incredible.

  1. Whistler or Blackcomb?

Personally, I’m a Blackcomb gal. 

  1. Favorite dive bar?

The Fringe Café – trust me, it’s a good time.

  1. Least favorite exercise at the Yard?

Theres something about split squats, get me every time

  1. Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I represented the United Arab Emirates in rugby on the first U18 female team.

  1. Last book you read?

Stuart; A Life Backwards by Alexander Masters – SO good, highly recommend.

  1. If you weren’t working your current job, what would you be doing?

Running my own business, working with people with chronic illness and/or disability on the physical activity front.

  1. It’s a first date; what are you cooking to impress?

Homemade pasta – easier than you think and always a hit, plus who doesn’t like pasta.

  1. Best / worst thing about Vancouver?

Best: The fitness community, or the beaches with mountain views.

Worst: the rain, especially when its going sideways.

  1. Proudest achievement?

The humanitarian work I did in Nepal for a few years when I was younger.

  1. Who’s the hardest trainer @ Yard Athletics?

This isn’t easy… Depends on the context! Ilan is hardest in the sense of lifting heavy for sure, form on point after a session with him; also gives the most hardcore woos and support. Sam is hardest for metabolic work, somehow always convinces me to end on a metabolic circuit.

  1. Nude, Nutrl or White Claw?

I don’t actually drink, but if I did it would be White Claw Mango, would need to follow the hype.

  1. Stranded on a desert island, what 3 movies do you bring?

1)     A Knights Tale

2)     Rocky Horror Picture Show

3)     Vision quest

  1. Fastest time up Grouse Grind?

I actually have never done the grouse grind! Not a proper Vancouverite I know.

  1. Secret to happiness?

100% training at the Yard. The boy’s chirps will make you smile, no doubt.

  1. Best thing about Yard Athletics?

The community, Yard is one of the few gyms that has this culture of family. Whether you know the other clients or not, you feel at home.

  1. Regrettable purchase of 2020?

A hat with a panda on it for my cat, not too sure what I was thinking. 

  1. If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be _____________ ?

Tim Curry.

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