20 Questions w/ Danya Barbati & Raffaele Megaro

by Yard Athletics – Sept 3rd, 2019

Rumors were swirling that the famed Yard Athletics 20 Questions series had met an untimely end.

Erroneous! Nothing could be further from the truth.

Granted, there have been a few weeks between today and the last 20 Questions, but that’s only because we were subtly analyzing the loyal Yard Athletics devotees in the gym, seeing who would make the biggest splash when we brought it back.

We think we found them.

Introducing Danya Barbati and Raffaele “Raff” Megaro, two #YARDHARD legends who judging by this interview, might also be moonlighting as amateur comedians.

Danya and Raff head up the lululemon lab in Gastown, helping to push the boundaries of the lululemon brand with new and interesting designs you can’t find anywhere else.

Now it’s time to read below on what their worst habits are, where the best dive bar in Vancouver is, and who wants to vacation at 100 Mile House.

1. Hometown(s)?

Both: we were born in the USSR

2. Hardest exercise at Yard?

Both: not looking at ilan’s lower body

3. Worst habit?

Danya: being friends with each other
Raff: juuling at turf

4. Danya or Raff, who can sell more lululemon lab?

Both: our shaman told us to not talk about each other in a competitive way. it doesn’t align with our shakras.

5. Company you want sponsoring you?

Both: Joe Fortes

6. Game of Thrones; worth the hype, or dorky dragon show?

Danya: yes
Raff: incest all the way

7. Tell us something we don’t know.

Both: We’re related and we attend 2 ayahuasca healing retreats per year.

8. Whose classes are harder, Ilan or Shawzo?

Both: neither

9. Most annoying thing about Vancouver?

Danya: Nelly Furtado
Raff: Bikelanes

10. Favorite restaurant, favorite dish?

Danya: cineplex theatres, popcorn
Raff: pizza hut, meat lovers supreme

11. 5 words to describe YardWork 2.0 @ Thunderbird Stadium?

Both: best dressed, heat stroke, modeling, soccer balls, psycho but cute.

12. Kylie / Kendall / Kim / Khloe / Kourtney?


13. Celeb you wish would follow you on Instagram?

Danya: Lisa Rinna
Raff: Steve Irwin

14. Favorite dive bar?

Danya: Cactus Club
Raff: Reflections at Hotel Georgia

15. Ramen or Pho?

Danya: i don’t like either of those things
Raff: KFC

16. Dream vacation?

Danya: west Edmonton mall
Raff: 100 mile house

17. Thing you can’t live without?

Danya: matcha lattes, align tights, dads credit card and facetime
Raff: juul pods, EDM, gucci socks and Saje digestive oils

18. Pet peeve in the gym?

Danya: when people play the eagles
Raff: Danyas ponytail

19. Aisle or Window?

Danya: business
Raff: cockpit

20. Worst place you’ve ever been?

Danya: 100 mile house
Raff: West Edmonton Mall

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