“10 Things I Can’t Live Without” w/ Torin Nikiforuk

by Yard Athletics – Feb 19th, 2020

We’re back with another edition of “10 Things I Can’t Live Without”, featuring Torin Nikiforuk, Yard Athletics coach extraordinaire!

Everyone has those things that become part of their weekly routine. Maybe it’s the best wireless headphones? Or warm wool socks for Vancouver’s less than ideal winter weather? Maybe it’s a must-have order at a favorite coffee shop to help muscle the morning grogginess into submission.

Whatever the 10 things are, we want to hear about them! Today we see what Torin can’t leave the house without…

1. Body Energy Club, Whey Protein Isolate

Chocolate so it tastes like choccy milk…

2. High Socks

Adidas, lululemon, Nike, Instance… I love em all, but they’ve gotta be high. No ankle grabbers!

3. 6″ or 7″ lululemon shorts

I prefer the Surge or T.H.E shorts. Either have great stretch and allow you to get deep in squat and lunges without risk of blowing out the seams.

4. Ciele Yard Hat

Sadly these bad boys are sold out, but be on the lookout for future merch drops.

Ciele Hats are awesome, Canadian company from Montreal that only makes training specific hats.

5. Bangin tunes from DJ Shawzo

Be prepared for a lot of country…

6. Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve from lululemon

These shirts are totally worth the price of admission. Makes you feel like you’re barely wearing anything, and super breathable.

7. Yard Athletics Online Training Series

Functional Mass 2

It’s bomb! Even personal trainers need to get personally trained. I love being able to follow the program on my own time, and the results speak for themselves.

Get a free trial now and see how it works.

8. Yard Shaker Bottle

Sadly we’re all out of these now too… guess they’re a collectors item now?

9. New Balance Minimus Prevail Training Shoes

Great for in the gym, as they have a hard heel and flat base similar to weightlifting shoes. Definitely not for running, but if you’re doing a lot of squats and deadlifts they work perfect.

10. The constant hootin’, hollerin’ and support that Cumby and Shawzo give whenever I lift anything heavy!

Daily words of encouragement are essential to any training regiment.

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